2001 Convention Session Reports

Here is a list of the sessions developed with the Open Space process when the 2001 convention started. Many of these sessions were documented and you may read the reports by clicking the links below. 


  1. Appreciation and celebration
  2. Being in the flow
  3. CNVC & Chapters - moved to email discussion
  4. CNVC - NVC collaboration game
  5. Collaborating with Waldorf schools
  6. Collaborative leadership in NVC
  7. Conversation about conversation
  8. Creating life serving giraffe local communities
  9. Creative potlatch
  10. Drumming, dancing and singing celebration
  11. Dynamic Facilitation process
  12. Empathy for educators
  13. Fun and power games
  14. Gender, power and sexuality
  15. Giraffe fighting
  16. How to reform CNVC
  17. Introduction to NVC
  18. Latin American project: vision, harvest
  19. Linking Education and life serving social change
  20. Mediation and NVC
  21. No more teachers dirty looks: implementing partnership in schools
  22. Nonverbal expression - time out
  23. NVC / CPS curriculum
  24. NVC and diversity
  25. NVC and Partnership in war torn contexts
  26. NVC and social change
  27. NVC and social change, part 2
  28. NVC and spirituality: being, jackal., Ego, needs
  29. NVC in everyday life
  30. NVC marketing combined with: Brainstorming allies / brainstorm for local IONS project / A season for nonviolence
  31. NVC Robbin' Hood: getting and giving financial resources
  32. Partnership with a capital 'P'
  33. Peace education
  34. Person Centered expressive arts and NVC
  35. Play, puppets and NVC
  36. Power unveiled
  37. Racial ethnic inclusion in NVC events
  38. Self design: a multi media conversation
  39. Self design: multi media presentation
  40. Social change and spirituality (Two parts)
  41. Speaking circle
  42. Teaching to kids: games and activities
  43. The ends of NVC (mission statement)
  44. The process of trainer certification for NVC
  45. There are no corners in a circle