SESSION TITLE: Appreciation & Celebration
Convenor: Sylvia Haskvitz
Recorder: Sylvia Haskvitz
Others present: 12


People shared their personal stories of how NVC has enriched their lives and the lives of others. We laughed and cried and "oohed" and "ahed" in listening to people share some very special moments of transformation.

Holley, Judith, Ike, Jean, Beth, Chuck and Sylvia shared specific examples. We decided Ike would use his video camera during the upcoming IIT and collect both stories and pieces of work that can be used to make a 1/2-hour video.

This video will be used to promote NVC by showing the power of this work. We want the video to include a few stories and some teaching moments showing some key differentiations like sympathy vs. empathy, request vs. demand, etc. The vision is to find more strategies to bring NVC to more people who want to receive it.