Convenor:John Cunningham
Recorder: Karen Loyster
Others present: Holly Eckert, Karma MacLachlan & Sharon Souders


Some of the topics addressed:

  • John shared his background in Waldorf education & his efforts to articulate common ground with Waldorf education
  • Overview of John's efforts over the last year to introduce NVC into Waldorf schools
  • John described two streams of human-the general and individual streams. The general stream of development we all share as being human, i.e. lose baby teeth around seven, go through puberty around fourteen, etc. The individual stream refers to the fact that each human goes through the general stream of development in an entirely unique and individualized way.
  • We spoke of some the ways that we had experienced Waldorf schools that differed from the vision behind the education. We spoke about ways that NVC might contribute to Waldorf education coming closer to realizing its potential.
  • We discussed strategies for introducing NVC into Waldorf schools. To put it briefly-empathize with the teachers until their needs for understanding are met.
  • "To live in love of action and to let live in the understanding of the other's will, is the fundamental maxim of free human beings. They know no other `should' than the one with which their willing is intuitively in harmony.' NVC in a nutshell a la Rudolf Steiner

This is a difficult to find, but very interesting book containing a collection of articles on empathy from an anthroposophical point of view.

Loving the Stranger: Studies in Adolescence, Empathy and the Human Heart
Compiled and edited by Michael Luxford
Camphill Books 2000
ISBN 1-897839-18-9