SESSION TITLE: Collaborative Leadership
Convenor: Suska Davis
Recorder: Suska Davis
Others present: Reid Gervais, Herbert Warmbier, Holly Eckert, Suska Davis, etc.


After bringing up some personal issues around collaborative leadership, the four-six of us present engaged in a discussion of our understanding of what that kind of leadership means to us. Some time was spent looking at the feelings and needs of each of us in the context of that kind of relationship. Then we talked about how to address these needs.

Several model were explored using NVC principals. We realized that one of the most life serving of these is an attitude of relating to all parties, our partners, the students/audience/particpants/etc., as if we are all partners in learning and change. No one benefits by viewing the Leaders as "The Expert or Authority". Instead, our needs are better met by sharing responsibility for learning even if there are times when one or more people (The Leaders in this case) offering their gift to others.

We used these principals to address some particular situations that we would like to change. We recommend further discussion about this topic.