SESSION TITLE: Conversation About Conversation
Convenor: Vicki Robins
Recorder: Marilyn Reed
Others Present: 42 total


Sharing the light of awareness on unconscious processes:
Diminishment of human connection vs. marketplace - a social taboo about conversation

- how do you create dialogue? The natural human desire to engage, to flow

- Cultural Creative, estimated 50 million in U.S., resource

- Question: How to organize these folks with similar values

Cross talk: brainstorming what each person is passionate about/involved in

Pause and reflect: index cards - each person writes a question or a topic on it

Read: each read their card

Select: narrow down one to three or so topics, and then have the conversation.

What is deepening to the conversation?

- Questions at the end, how does it feel to have the conversation?

How to foster spontaneous conversations:

- Philosophers' Café at Simon Fraser Univ. (Continuing Ed Dept)

- People share their experiences of spontaneous deeper conversations; making it a practice to find out about someone and connect beyond talking about the weather

- Global Renaissance Alliance - book of Healing the World by Marianne Williamson; focus on solutions and coming together around challenges and issues

Conversations reliant on groups or a facilitator in public settings

- Men's wisdom circles; drumming then conversation with talking stick

- Neighborhood salons; Fran Pevey's Strategic Questions

Skills to holding space:

- Convening and ending on time

- Talking stick

- Rituals

Idea of owner of cafes being host of conversation times