SESSION TITLE: Creating Life Serving Local Giraffe Communities
Convenor: Barbara Larson
Recorder: Eliza Reid
Others Present: Chuck McDougal, Dorsey Lawson, Lynnette Allen, Kneale Quayle, Bear, Ursula Duncan (bee)

We began with a check in, which included our names, where we were from, our vision of community, and what needs we were hoping to meet with a (Giraffe or Other) Community. We recorded the needs on a poster, which we added to throughout the session. This formed the heart of our session. Right away we were feeling connected, energized and curious.

The needs of a community that we identified included: Creativity, Connection+++, Learning+++, fun++, Play, learning, nurturing organic growth, contribution, belonging, support, commitment, feedback, information, friendship, community, everyone's needs met, Unifying, spiritual sense/grounding, lightness, soul connection, letting go of outcome, protection, inclusion, meaningful work, healing, intimacy, growth, harmony, sharing, collaboration, teach, respect autonomy, communion with others, love, trust, comfort, family, tribe, peace common vision.

We then heard each other's personal vision of community:

Bear: To bring opposites together in the community (i.e.: "loggers" and "hippies")
Chuck: Living in community where all needs are valued equally. Developing life-serving action.
Lynnette: Being fully authentic. Welcoming the spirit within and without. Recognizing what is real. Supporting personal responsibility and sense of self.
Eliza: Practice community living values.
Being part of a global community (for peace). Expanding the Science of Mind
Dorsey: To be at home anywhere in the world. Contributing the NVC process wherever I am with all communities.
Ursula: To carry a sense of community inside and be at peace with all other communities.
Kneal: To develop and nurture healing abilities in all human beings.
Being of service to the world, experimenting with tools to sustain vision.
Barbara: An opportunity to walk the talk with others, to experiment how to do that, and to serve our world community.

Finally, we brainstormed some strategies to meet these needs and support these visions:

Ritual. Remembering. A life serving way to process. NVC as a language. Play! Games. Ecology in our lives. Rites of Passage. Celebrations. Meaningful/Shared Work. Recognition of the sacred. Regular sharing of assumptions and values. Boundaries. Regular sharing of common vision. Support for body, mind and soul. Service. Speaking our beliefs. Dancing. Singing. Gratitude. Everyone living his or her passion. Consensus. Consensual sensual.

We ended honoring that we had created a community with this circle, and that we are always creating community wherever we go.

Group hug.