Convenor: Miki Kashtan & John A.
Recorder: Pennie (Victoria, BC)
Others present: approx. 30 giraffes

Miki - When I want something and you want something different, what does it take for us to come together?

I want to create a world in which we fully create aliveness - need to create a fully sustainable world - to contribute to clarity and understanding to be able to create this world.

What's the space between pushing (for needs) and giving up?

John A. - wants to explore space in situations where people are trying to come together, no agreement happens ------ but connection is still maintained, even though one party makes a decision.

Is it possible to use the protective use of force and still stay connected?

Miki - wants consciousness around getting her needs met, but not at the expense of another person's unmet needs.

John A. - Is it possible to be okay with everybody's needs not being met?

Robert Gonzales - What is my relationship with my needs? When I can be free in my relationship with that - I can feel passionate about them and yet I can let them go.

John A. - If we're able to stay passionate, but not attached to outcome, even when we may have to use protective use of force, we can be congruent with our needs.

Miki - wants to stay connection, stay exploring strategies, without giving up.

Miki - wants clear distinction between demands and protective use of force - feels discouraged and wants to give up - "do I want to walk out of here or do I want to stay?" Wants connection with feelings and support for working it out. …Has at the moment two strategies - either push ("big mouth") or give up.-Wants teachers, wants support by being in the spaciousness without being seen as pushing for own needs at the expense of others. Wants someone to tell her what next step is.

Miki - Has a great need to spend time mourning - letting go of the dream of having a teacher in this, but that it may need to be created.

Miki - wants a space that doesn't polarize - does not want to come up with a solution before we are ready.

Robert G. - non-attachment does not mean non-involvement.

Miki - has hope that if we continue to maintain the space, we can create structures, which support the shift from dominator paradigm. "Dancing in the gap of uncertainty."

Robert G. - I like to know: What is the energy with which I'm conscious if my needs and just putting it out there.

Miki - it is very much worthwhile to spend the time (creating the space) because the prize is so enormous.