Recorder:Meyta scribed, Mair typed
Others present:about 8 ?

Eva would like to feel like she's part of a real community, like a big basket, that she can put in her wisdom and learn from others. Make everyone's offerings more visible. Looking for strategies for what Eva can do personally.

1) Social change, south america, etc. projects-can they put it on the web site (done)

2) feedback forms with trainers in alphabetical order inc. Marshall. (John A. will write to BJ) {Mair adds during typing she would prefer alpha. order by first names}

3) other trainers in newsletter or on website. Negotiate first, lots of variables.

4) add new/split existing trainers' mailing list into categories that would better meet needs:

a) Things relevant to entire network
b) Chat list
c) projects
d) trainings....eva listed more on flip chart, not recorded

5) available on website

6) share synopsis of all workshops on website (paragraph of results)

7) calendar on website (Marshall would like) with whatever happening each day (could be a fulltime job) or automatic posting

  • Meiji to ask Gary B (tell Eva if stuck)

  • John A. will initiate techies nvc maillist -- could provide help for NVCers using online NVC resources, help with design of such resources

  • Miki willing to talk with one person once to help with design of site

  • Rene interested in getting trainings on website (Deepok Chopra/Marshall notes were on website)

8) CNVC to be Diversity and Social Oppression as a next focus? (as Education was last year and now Social Change). Marshall chose those and suggested them to CNVC Board. Marshall says contact him first after they do their initial meetings. Marshall's excited about themes expressed interest in but is unclear as to the next steps that would be taken by whom. They will contact him when ready to proceed with more clarity as to specific steps. Ruby would put together that proposal.

9) Interactive egroup for exploring NVC with trainers in the conversation existing NVC groups: synergy-comm? (search for synergy anyway) giraffetalk

CNVC website-links to those mailing lists? Search box on front page? remember some folks have old computers so suggestion to keep it accessible to them

10) see also marketing NVC workshop tomorrow

11) learning and other uses of NVC beyond certified trainers puppet shows, musicals, in business, zoos, librariers, churches... modalities and locations/organizations. Lets prioritize and start with quick easier stuff issue giraffe hall of fame with Gary Baran reviewing everything?

12) unofficial and unedited website NVC

Steve has set up business NVC list