SESSION TITLE: Introduction to NVC
Convenor: Liv Monroe
Recorder: Lesley Vann
Others present: 6 - 8 colleagues


Engaging the group in discussion, utilizing a flip chart and handouts, Liv facilitated dialogue around the NVC process.

Techniques for listening empathic ally were shared including asking oneself while listening, "What might this person be feeling and needing?"

We investigated the language of the heart, and talked about the Giraffe, which has such a big heart, sees the bigger picture, and secretes a substance that dissolves thorns.

The group participated in several processes that highlighted the NVC process.

One thought shared was that the Jackal is sometimes our greatest teacher. Also, that Giraffe living is not a model, but a state of consciousness, which considers the needs of all, involved and removes us from judgment. It is really about a state of consciousness.

Speaking the NVC process is one half; listening empathically is the other half.

Marshall has said that once each side in the dispute can articulate the other's needs, then reaching resolution can happen in only 20 minutes!

One point for consideration is that the Request stage of the NVC process is not a demand, but a request or invitation into dialogue with the partner.

In Giraffe, there is never a "No," but only a "Yes" delivered from the other person's perspective and which reflects their needs. Therefore this "No" is a "Yes" from their standpoint. (i.e.: "What's the 'yes' in him that is making him say 'no' to me right now?")

There was a focus on taking responsibility for our thoughts, needs, feelings, words, and actions.

Giraffe is about remembering we are interconnected, it is about intention, which really reflects motive.

Please see the attached documents for more specifics.