SESSION TITLE: Developing Racial/Ethnic diversity in Giraffe groups.
Convenor: Gary Higashi
Others Present:Mair, Meta, Gina Laurie, John Abbe



NEED: Increase participation of ethnic/racial minorities in Giraffe activities

Middle-class white people should be comfortable and proud of themselves and their own ethnicity. Other will spot someone who is trying to "be" one of them as disingenuous. Be willing to look into your own family and ethnic heritage that helps to identify needs that all families share.

Don't think of an ethnic minority person as lacking anything you have to offer, but share the communication skills of a giraffe language that are useful to understand others and give empathy to yourself.

Bring yourself, don't try to "teach" anyone. Don't worry about fitting in by changing dress or mode of talking. Your honesty and willingness to listen are more important. Be willing to be silent for long periods-to listen and observe.

Connect with one person-don't worry about sharing with an entire group, like a church or group.

Be willing to share your weaknesses and be open to connecting at the heart level.