SESSION TITLE:NVC/CPS Curriculum in Education
Convenor: David Ketter
Recorder: David Ketter
Others present: Holly, Mariahn, Fred, Katie, Maylin, Sura, Susan, Patty, Neil,

DISCUSSION: "What do we mean by curriculum?

o the vehicle by which educational needs are met in the classroom
o the content and how delivered and how evaluated

Participants offered suggestions for creating curriculum:

o training all educators in the process of NVC is necessary as first piece of understanding
o explore what students are interested in learning in a deeper way
o must combine training of educators in Partnership Education curriculum to deliver in an NVC way
o just giving the curriculum to educators is inadequate - involve students in deciding what and how to learn
o add a section on how the course/curriculum is taught within the context and uses a process that models NVC/PS (i.e a partnership relationship between teacher and student)
o involves students in trainings as well and what roles they can play in "teaching" the curriculum
o include a significant "other resources" appendix in the curriculum
o find out about NVC ways for getting students (excited) about doing required curriculum
o balance what students want to learn and using required curriclum
o explore how NVC can be used to deliver "required" curriculum non-coercisely
o offer teacher training of NVC/PS as an "elective" to counter the dominant view they received elsewhere
o package the curriculum as "violence prevention"
o inform and train the parents and administrators as well (they have influence)
o focus the curriculum on the needs of students, teachers, political leaders, social reformers, etc....
o state (address) in the curriculum what it is that Partnership Education will be able to distinguish that wasn't distinguishable previously