retitled 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask AND NVC Marketing'

Contributing Presenters - in order of presentation, discussions:

(a) Meeting convened by Meiji Stewart, (representing PuddleDancer Press (PDP, publisher of NVC book)

(b) Meeting facilitated by Neill Gibson (as publicist for PuddleDancer Press)

(c) John Abbe with topic of 'Brainstorming Allies' There are more than NVC, who could we align with. Let's develop a list

(d) Robert Gonzales 'NVC teaming up with Season for Nonviolence' (Wants to share his vision and see who would like to play)

(e) Neill Gibson presents 'Current NVC Marketing' representing PDP

(A) Overview by Meiji Stewart

The ultimate marketing/promotion/awareness tool of NVC is 'WORD OF MOUTH' where one individual shares the value of NVC with another.

* A question to consider - 'Is the way NVC currently taught and learned, the very optimal way for people to easily be able to convey passion for, and the benefits of NVC to others?'

(A2) MAXIMIZING OUR SPHERES OF INFLUENCE WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES Most of us are members of schools - churches - have friends and interests/involvements. We are members of different organizations/associations, attend events and know 'opinion makers' (people with influence with others) where we can share NVC. We can also share about NVC online with chat-groups, send emails to media personalities (i.e. Oprah), submit a book review to Amazon - Barnes & Nobel, write an op-ed piece to our local newspapers etc.

(a) share our passion for, success stories and the power of NVC with friends (b) initiate a practice group utilizing the new NVC Companion workbook (c) when we know an opinion maker (individual or church etc) or are planning to attend an event or gathering we can:

Contact PDP ( e m a i l AT DOMAIN puddledancer~com , call Neill at 858-278-2649 or Meiji at 858-759-6963 with event information so PDP can (when applicable) arrange book sales, flyer distribution, share speaking opportunities with CNVC, network, and provide after-event contact follow up to maximize any additional NVC awareness opportunities

(d) Let others know of the NVC related websites
and your local community NVC website, if one exists.

QUESTION: What would you like to see on these websites, share examples of websites you currently enjoy and believe could be a model for CNVC & PDP. Is there a current online website that has an online learning model that we might want to employ on our sites?

What could be done to help NVC trainers, coordinators and unofficial NVC trainers be more successful in their individual practices, and in promoting MBR and other NVC events?
* Material kit for trainers to run individual practice sessions within their
* PR Kit to help promote Marshall's workshop or individual NVC workshops and
practice sessions


** Robert Gonzales wants to organize local NVC activities coordinated with'Season for Nonviolence'. He wants to share his vision and see who would like to help set these up, and who has experience doing so.

** John Abbe Brainstorming Allies'
There are many valuable models out there in addition to NVC. Who could we align with? Let's develop a list to express of others we think are compatible with the values of NVC.

(Neill then asks all participants present to say in 60 seconds or less why they were present and what they would like to have happen in the session.)

* likes NVC process, wants to share it with more people-wants to use media to share NVC
* Interested in growth and being part of process - suggested MBR interest in "The Power of Now" book
* looking for synergy between organizations
* wants to improve NVC trainer contribution to marketing ... shared that 'Watkins Review' (the largest alternative bookstore magazine produced in UK) had full page on NVC book/process
* listening for ideas - wants to take NVC to Korea
* personal passion
* on cusp of social change and wants to take NVC and work with groups
* wants to communicate ideas to businesses - struggles with using NVC or Compassionate Communication names as he believes businesses don't respond positively to such names
* wants to learn more about promoting NVC - mentioned "7 Dimensions"
* desires to share NVC with others- to teach NVC don't call it NVC
* Just received web development and promotion certificate - does research for Institute for Noetic Sciences project
* NVC will contribute to kind of world I want for my children - wants to ensure sustainability of NVC - one goal to increase revenue streams for CNVC to support trainers
* wants to utilize services of CNVC and PDP to get local media coverage-wants to get books into libraries
* curiosity
* NVC coordinator wants more support and connection from CNVC network especially in area of promoting MBR events -mentioned World Conference on Spirituality being held in Vancouver Sept 20th 2001
* NVC trainer wants common brochure for all trainers to use for promotional purposes
* NVC trainer wants everyone to keep in mind the ends of CNVC board statement
* someone shared they thought NVC name puts people off from trying NVC
* question was raised "What if any value NVC has book marketing brought?"
* trainer responded they had received clients and were receiving more and more saying they came to NVC as a result of NVC book
* Reciprocal links - Gary Baran said he was concerned with 'implied endorsement' and wanted committee to check this out which would include a trainer to ensure in harmony with NVC principles

--- develop criteria to ensure objectivity in determining who to do reciprocal links with and committee to do the review.
--- another participant said he wanted anyone to be able to link to CNVC - the more the better = the hope of more NVC exposure.
-- Suggestion made to allow all links and make disclaimer claiming "no endorsement"


The request here was to create a list of organizations that CNVC might benefit from associating with. PDP would then contact them to explore how NVC might benefit them and vice versa. Please only recommend organization that you have a PERSONAL connection with, so PDP has a foot in the proverbial door. PDP will follow up with these recommendations. Would those who add to the list also do a NEEDS ANALYSIS of issues and concerns of the other organization and ask yourself how NVC can help them to meet their needs.

ORGANIZATIONS SUGGESTED - followed by person willing to help PDP make contact.
* Positive Futures - reviewed MBR book
* Yes Magazine - Lucy Leu
* Fellowship for Intentional Community - Allan Rolph
* Foundation for Community Involvement - Mooreah
* ICA - Len Hockley
* New Dimension Radio - Ike knows Michael
* Focusing Institute - Allan Rolph
* Institute of Noetic Science -
* Counseling Movement - Mooreah
* National Training Laboratories - John Abbe
* Landmark Education - Neill Gibson
* Co-opportunities - Vicki Robin
* Association for Global New Thought - Mair Alight
* Religious Science International - Mair Alight
* www.ThePeopleWeb.com - Mair Alight
*Yoga Journal - Ike
*World Business Academy SF, CA - Ike
* More Than Money - Chuck
* Agape International - Kathi
* Southern Poverty Law Center - Len Hockley
* Politics of Ethics and Meaning (Michael Learner) - Len Hockley
* Science of Spirituality - Reid Gernis
* Peacemakers Community - Gary Baran
* Kripalu Center (MA) - Ike
* Feathered Pipe Ranch - Ike
* Odyssey School - Ike
* World Conference on Spirituality - q u a y l e AT DOMAIN home~com
* CulturalCreatives.org - Mooreah
* TipsBooklets (for promo with conferences - Moreah
* WonderTree Foundation - Brent
* Future 500 - Philip Blagg



Community networking with goal to use 'Season for Nonviolence' vehicle to make NVC more visible in community Robert read a 2 or 3 paragraph overview of 'Season for Nonviolence' Search for more info about vision by searching by 'season for nonviolence'
Jan 30th thru April 4th 1998-2001-64 days to educate media
Jan 30th celebrates Gandhi anniversary and
April 4th is M. L. King's Goal - to create awareness of NVC principles to heal / transform
300 major peace organizations are affiliated
Robert wants to use this as catalyst to create initial task force to reach out into local community perhaps for 64 days to have a booth in town square to somehow demonstrate process. One principle for every 64 days.

With time constraints Robert said he was willing to meet with people at lunch to discuss this further or discuss individually after the event.

Neill also offered support by sharing PDP had relevant information that may be of use to Robert or anyone else interested in working with 'Season for Nonviolence'

Question - How does PDP get conference promoter to allow NVC book into event?

Neill - PDP, if given advance notice can help get book into bookstore at conference and flyers often times included into conference attendee packet by financial incentive. PDP offers bookstore books on consignment and at discount in exchange for flyer distribution

Neill - Marketing and Leveraging NVC to like-minded Organizations Tariq Khamisa Foundation is an example of a peace related program that intends to include the NVC process into their already existing program. PDP believes NVC will help these type of organizations by working synergistically with them. We can help these other organizations achieve their goals by making their 'communication style congruent with their mission' - they will in turn help to spread NVC by incorporating NVC into their programs.

  • Participant suggested: The importance of being clear of what your intention is whenever you approach any organization, Doing a 'needs analysis' of issues and concerns and ask yourself how NVC can help to address them?
  • Participant - To attract others it's great to have anecdotal stories AND what is needed is clear concrete benefits that are specific and measurable - also important to capture testimonials. A trainer said many times they are asked by organizations 'for proof" of effectiveness and that CNVC doesn't have any.
  • Public schools will ask, "How will this help academically?" and "Do you have evidence?" There is a need for concrete research.
  • Participant said (they believed) the State of Florida as identified the most important variable in affective academic performance is SCHOOL CLIMATE

Neill requested:
Trainers & coordinators contact PDP - we can help you promote your events. We have marketing materials such as GOOD photo's of Marshall, publicity materials &author bio's. etc. We can help you promote Marshall and your local workshops and events. PLEASE CALL PDP

* Participant mentioned that there were a lot of Public TV stations desperate for content in lots of communities. Gary Baran suggested the new Three hour Basics of NVC video.
QUESTION: Who knows of, or has access to, local community programming?

Neill - Gave brief history of past PDP marketing efforts
Currently PDP is doing a radio promotional campaign aimed only at radio stations with a 100,000 + reach. We have purchased a database, created a press kit and have a vanity # (1-877-EMPATHY) where listeners can call in and buy a book after a radio show. They also receive a CNVC newsletter and a free NVC related pamphlet.

Neill stressed PDP has tried and does try lots of things & PDP does projects based upon the amount of effort it takes measured against the expected/hoped for return...

*Trainer asked - What about helping trainers get on radio? Neill said he'd be willing to support trainers if we can. Gary Baran, Sylvia H, and Kelly B have all been on radio programs

*MBR apparently doing a government training in Vancouver in September this year. Can we leverage that into something? Neill would like to pursue a media release, op-ed items in the local papers, and maybe a radio interview.

Neill - plans to let people know about NEW Yahoo email groups set up for collaborating on specific marketing efforts.


Since the conference MORE POTENTIAL ALLIES -all submitted by John Abbe (to add to list under section C)

American Friends Service Committee -- I just met this guy Craig in Seattle and he was interested in NVC (he hadn't heard of it, but had used various other personal and meeting practices, eg Open Space). He used to be on the Education committee of AFSC. His e-mail address is s h i m n e l AT DOMAIN cs~com. There's also Quaker Peace Service, a similar organization based in the UK. Jeyanthy and i know some of their activists in Sri Lanka.

The Children's Music Network -- contact Patty Zeitlin (an NVC un-certified trainer in Seattle, contact information on the Giraffe Convention list)

Daniel Quinn -- he's written a few books about the partnership/dominator distinction, although his labels are leaver/taker. http://www.ishamel.org/

Co-op America -- Washington, DC-based organization that promotes a lot of alternative practices, e.g. socially responsible investing, intentional communities, co-ops, etc. I know the Executive Director, Alisa Gravitz.

Someone up in Seattle suggested the Carter Peace Center.

Here's a list of organizations I didn't see listed, that share some significant spirit with CNVC. There are more links and information about most of them at a website I maintain for the Center for Group Learning (CGL):

Process Work -- Arne and Amy Mindell's (and others') very creative and broad theory and practice http://www.processwork.org/
[I will slowly pursue this if no one else does, but have no excellent contacts yet]

Open Space -- You know what this is :)
[I know the SF Bay Area coordinator, Jeff Aitken]

Future Search -- A multi-day large group process to get energized, find commonality, and agree on actions to take. --
[I know one guy who's pretty involved with them, Kenoli Oleari]

Tavistock -- Group and Inter-group theory and practice A.K. Rice Institute (USA -- http://www.uvm.edu/~mkessler/akrice/index.htmll), Tavistock Institute
(UK -- http://www.tavinstitute.org/)

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy -- Promotes diplomatic tracks besides the political, e.g. business, citizens, religious, etc. --
[I met one of the 'top' people, Louise Diamond, many years ago but would be willing to pursue this if there is interest and no one else has a better connection]

Association for Progressive Communications (APC), did a lot of early work building links between computer networks in different countries/regions around the world, educating people about using the net, and providing general resources and especially progressive discussion groups (PeaceNet, ConflictNet, WomensNet, EcoNet, etc.).
-- http://www.apc.org/
APC has affiliates in many countries -- The United States one is the Institute for Global Communications, http://www.igc.org/

Here are two organizations promoting non-violence-trained citizens and peace-keepers as alternatives to national armies and international armed peace-keepers (Isabela Huebner, who was at the convention, knows of more):
Civilian-Based Defense Association -- http://www.igc.apc.org/cbda/
Global Nonviolent Peace Force -- http://www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org/

International Association of Facilitators (many of the founders are from the Institute for Cultural Affairs) -- http://www.iaf-world.org/

National Association of Community Mediators (United States) -- There are many local organizations, see the CGL web site for a handful --
The Society of Professionals In Dispute Resolution -- http://www.spidr.org/

National Organization Development Network -- http://www.odnetwork.org/
Society for Organizational Learning (from Peter Senge's book, The Fifth Discipline) -- http://world.std.com/~lo
International Society for Performance Improvement -- http://www.ispi.org/

In addition to her other activities, Vicki Robin is promoting the salon/public conversation movement

Dialogue -- David Bohm's group inquiry practice (and developed further by others). [I know some of the active people in the SF Bay Area -- some relevant links are on the CGL website]

Popular/Folk/Adult Education; Participatory Action Research (e.g. Paolo Freire's work) -- there are *many* local organizations (Folk Education Association of America, Highlander Center, etc. a few links on the CGL website)
International Council for Adult Education http://www.web.net/icae/
[I know an academic who's very active in this community, John Hurst]

The whole victim-offender reconciliation movement (also called restorative justice, or equity-restorative justice). I've vaguely heard of at least one NVC trainer already involved with this, but don't remember who. A request on the trainers' mailing list might get a result.
A few links are at:
[I had some e-mail contact a few years ago with the guy who initiated the Campaign For Equity-Restorative Justice, when he was starting]