Convenor: Chuck McDougal
Recorder: Len Hockley
Others present: Kit Miller, Neil Gibson, Larry Wydro, Holly Eckert, Mary McKenzie, Barbara Larson, Judith Laster


1. What does giving from a Giraffe consciousness look like?
2. What would inspire people to give to NVC (Case Statement)
3. What are key points to remember in getting a grant.

Giving from a Giraffe Consciousness.

1. One gives when the request connects with what one really values.
2. Instead of "nickel and dimming" it, decide to be a part of the club, a philanthropist, a "lover of human kind", a joyous process.
3. Giraffe giving includes a consciousness that perhaps is missing with much giving.
4. It is good to get rid of our enemy images of givers who are giving to the "wrong" program.
5. One strategy to use your money for "good" things is to give low or no interest loans.

Toward a case statement for CNVC. Things that turn people on.

a. Personal appeals -money for "My Brick on the Pathway"
b. Many others are giving
c. it will be a successful event
d. I will be acknowledged
e. Creative ideas - a "non-dinner"
f. For basic human needs - "Wells for India"
g. To bring about structural social change
h. Money leveraging
i. Getting feedback about success
j. Know others are giving
k. The organization is meeting my needs

What are key points to remember in getting a grant?

1. 90% of givers are individuals followed by 5% by corporations and 5% by foundations
2. Nonprofits come into being to meet a need not met by the market place.
3. Constituents are people whose needs are met by what is being done.
4. Start with the best constituents.
5. Ask them whom they know.
6. Get full staff and board participation.
7. Go for the first twenty-five cents of participation.
8. Be clear about how money will be used.

A good reference is any work of Kim Klein (Grass Roots Fundraising Magazine)

Contact Chuck McDougal from Flagstaff AZ for help.