SESSION TITLE: Puppets, Play and NVC
Convenor: Patty and John
Recorder: Many Scribes entered by Mair Alight
Others present: 20 approx.

Ways to use puppets and play to teach/share/learn NVC.

1. Rap Song to move from reactive space to response space…

Chorus: This is not, this is not, this is not about me!
This is, this is, this is about needs!

2, Creating Rap Songs Take a known phrase and change words but keep Cadence and tune (ex.: lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

3. Needs Rap chorus: needs, needs, needs, we're talking needs, needs, needs

4, Dyadic Poem: two voices that alternate and blend together while reading a poem.

5. Puppet Vignettes

a. Invest the puppets with life

b. Shift body direction for each puppet when using each one

c. Practice making puppets show expressions of different emotions by moving your hand around inside it. Hint-use a mirror

d. Use jackal puppet to model expressing jackal anger, then the person learning can choose to get more in touch with that energy instead of not expressing it. Then it might be easier to express the unmet needs.

e. Touch the puppet's chest when checking in about the heart, and pulling the ears, closing and holding the jackal puppet's ears/mouth. Kinesthetic learners will appreciate these "touches"

Doug shared script for NVC training on needs, and play workshop, connecting feelings with them. Used Rolling Stones song "You cant always get what you want"" on tape prerecorded to get progressively louder with each repetition, people wrote needs on slips of paper. Doug was blowing bubbles around the room as Patty expressed concern about starting. Played matching visual/kinesthetic demo of how we're all connected.

Doug shares his belief that the basis of any relationship is needs for safety and pleasure. Two questions only; Here I am, and where are you?

Q-How to invite safety? A-PLAY

Doug and Patty had objects each at different levels (heights) balloons, yarn on the floor, Tibetan Gong for transitions, trading needs cards to get people to interact, lively, humor…four friends had masks and entered at various times with funny actions for entertainment and intrigue….