SESSION TITLE: The Veiling of Power
Convenor:Beth Rene Roepnack
Recorder: Karen Loyster
Others present: Cliff Longino, Reid Geryais, Phyllis Hockley, Sharon Souders, Miri Garaway, Robert Searight, Lesley Vann, Amara Maclauclan, William Prelle, Moreah, Suzanna McCarthy
Veiling - "Energy and the organization of energy are the prime characteristics of a social system."

How is power used?

Protection (reproductive issues, veiling women)


Roles (good kid/bad kid)

Autonomy/internalized oppression (woman going to rent a chain, doubts self and says to self, "maybe I don't know how to use it.") /Women oppressing themselves & other women

Denial is unconscious veiling.
Two choices for discussion:

I. Companies veil what they are doing be having the trappings of saving the planet.
II. Personal Power unveiled - more group interest in this topic

Examples of expressing personal power or holding it back:

  • Anger expressed

  • Get inspired, then self jackal, it's not OK/suppressing life serving inspiration

  • 4 elements earth, air, fire and water correspond to body, mind, spirit & emotions. Frustration comes when we're uneven in our development of these aspects of self, need to honor all aspects of our being and not have unrealistic expectations of self.

  • Attitudes-blind studies (Pygmalion Experiment) slow/gifted students met teachers expectations.

  • Acceptance of external authority or not trusting internal authority

  • Fear of judgment because I am not perfect

  • Fear of unwanted consequences

  • Authenticity-empowerment and self empathy, "Am I owning my own power?"

  • Fear of failure

  • Self permission replacing "shoulding"

  • Fear of not being responsible

  • ". . . aware of liking or disliking the consequences of my action and then going with my liking. Freedom is liking the consequences of my actions." (

  • Bible - removal of veils that prevent us from seeing who we really are. The choices we have made in the past leave us unable to connect with our own hearts or with the hearts of others in the moment.

  • What Helps Us Regain Our Sense Of Personal Power?

  • Read books for affirmation and courage to remind us to shape shift (the art of changing consciousness at will)

  • Sacred space

  • Chaordic attitude

  • Writing to encourage

  • Being witnessed on e-mail/voice mail.

  • Groups that meet -dream sharing/personal goals

  • A day for yourself

  • Need for balance: be with self/ group/ intimates

  • AA " thou SHALT not be too Stressed, Hungry, Angry Lonely, Tired

  • Meditation/Sufi practice like double digging in the garden

  • Naps, being still

  • Silent meditation / breath meditation: in - out // deep - slow // calm - ease // smile - release //present moment - wonderful moment

  • Ram Dass, "As the breath goes, so the mind goes."

  • Monkeyshines - whooping and hollering like a monkey

  • Rajnnish - 5 minutes - keep eyes closed when waking and become like a cat - stretch and then laugh/giggle - creates fundamental shift

  • Laugh as a group for 18 minutes - functions as a deep organ massage. 200 laughs a day creates good health.

  • Grounding chord meditation

  • Gardening - sacred space - nature

  • Sending divine healing energy to others when called to do so.

  • Eating on perfect cherry a day as a meditation. Being present to the sweetness of life.

  • Listen to music, create art, journal (Beinfang journal to record words and images)

  • HeartMath Solution - breathes thru heart and is grateful to create a mind shift

  • Celebration of crisis as opportunity

Assorted Thoughts: in conflict, primates circle around the fighting pair and hoot / breathe to dissipate energy. When observing conflict/ street violence = witness, provide community support to dissipate the fear/energy, breathe love into the situation

Forgiveness before execution -no joy in killing/murdering a killer. Anger passed on from generation to generation.

Haoles - the breathless ones

Books & Resources: Learner
Living Without A Goal - Olgilvie
The Heart Aroused - David Whyte - Book
Poetry Of Compassion - David Whyte - Tape
Friendship With God, Conversations With God - Neale Walsh
The Eight Universals - Angeles Arrien - Tape
About Relationships - Werner Erhardt - Tape
Connecting Compassionately - Marshall Rosenberg - Tape
Dreaming In The Dark / Truth Or Dare / Spiral Dance -Starhawk
Calling The Circle - Christina Baldwin
Finite & Infinite Games - James Carse
Janet Adler - Early 70's Authentic Movement Matching Movements Of Autistic Kids
The Son Also Rises - Barry Kaufman