Northwest Compassionate Communication CORE TEAM MEETING PROCEDURES


Monthly Northwest Compassionate Communication Core Team (CT) Business Meetings are held on alternate Saturdays and Sundays of each month from 1pm -5 p.m. This includes committee reports, new business, and time for "business mingling". People interested meet for a potluck lunch from 12-1. There may be a Connection Circle from 11-12, with meditation and connecting from the heart. The host is aware that even if no dinner is involved, it may be 5:30 before everyone is out of the house - people like to hang around and say goodbye.

Two annual weekend retreats for CT members take place around two of the meetings -Fall and Spring, usually!

Two potluck gatherings for all Northwest Compassionate Communication general members to take place before two of the business meetings, sometimes!

GENERAL POLICIES REGARDING CORE TEAM MEETINGS (these are guidelines we aspire to...)

SPECIAL ITEMS FOR THE AGENDA: The Coordinating Council (CC) requests that new policy proposals, unsolved issues, etc. be given to the CC at least ten days before the CT meeting so that they can be put on the agenda.

CT MEETING AGENDA: The CC will create and e-mail or 'snail'-mail the agenda one week before the meeting to all Core Team members, if possible!

CT MEETING FACILITATOR: The meeting facilitator will come from the CC unless another Core Team member submits a request to the CC to facilitate, at least ten days before the Core Team meeting. By providing for such requests, we hope to encourage developing quality leadership skills in our core team.

VOTING: To support Northwest Compassionate Communication efficiency, trust, and wisdom, committee members who have been actively serving on a committee for three months or more may vote on a motion before the Core Team. Decisions are made by discussion and vote, with a 2/3 majority of quorum required to pass a motion. In absentia voting & contributions to discussion may be given to CC by the Friday preceding the Core Team meeting. Quorum is 2/3 representation of The Core Team. We are working towards becoming an consensus (or beyond) organization, and in fact have not had a "formal" vote since 1999. Since then, decisions have been by informal consensus. 

MINUTES of the Core Team meeting will be e-mailed or 'snail' mailed to the Core Team within one week of the meeting.


In order to streamline the business portion of our meetings and to increase efficiency:

  1. If anyone has a concern, proposal, request, suggestions, idea, issue, etc, regarding Northwest Compassionate Communication affairs, they are encouraged to bring it up in the form of a request to either the respective committee or with the CC, OUTSIDE OF CT MEETINGS. Please let them know "this is OFFICIAL Northwest Compassionate Communication Business" and that you would like an "official" response.

  2. If it is brought to a committee, and the committee would like help processing it or determines that it is a CC or group issue, then the committee head and the person who had the proposal, idea, issues, etc. can bring it up to the CC OUTSIDE OF Core Team MEETINGS. It is preferable that the issue is brought to a CC meeting with prior notice so it can be placed on the CC's meeting agenda.

  3. If it is determined by CC that the proposal, idea, issue, etc needs to go before the whole Core Team, the issue will be put on the CT meeting agenda.

  4. If a person or persons need empathy, appreciation, or mediation, they are encouraged not to wait for the Core Team to process that, but to phone the Well Being coordinator, the Trainers Council, or the CC if they would like help arranging for that.


  1. During the check-in portion of the meeting, Northwest Compassionate Communication Core Team members will have an opportunity to share for a few minutes what is currently "up" for them, without comment from the rest of the group. (for extensive check-ins, please come to the Connection Circle before the Core Team meeting)

  2. During the business portion of the Core Team meetings, team leads will:

    a) report committee policy decisions they made and actions they took. This information also goes into the e-mail report to the CC by the end of each month, and into the committee notebook to make committee work easier in future!

    b) make requests of the Core Team members (e.g. opinions, show of hand, help for tasks)

    c) Bring up the proposal, idea, issue, motion, etc. that was determined by them with the CC to require the wisdom or vote of the whole Core Team.

    d) There will be one hour in the middle of business meetings when committees can meet informally, and people can mingle, get questions answered, etc.

  3. There will be time at the end of each meeting for individuals to make brief announcements.

Revised Feb.14, '03