Prerequisites (requests) for becoming a Giraffe Guide or a Northwest Compassionate Communication Trainer

Updated 12/05 at TC meeting


# denotes an ongoing expectation rather than a pre"request"uisite

Points for consideration

Requested of Giraffe Guide



TC=Trainers' Council

Requested of Northwest Compassionate Communication Trainer

in addition to those in GG column



Trainers' Learning Community

1. Clarity of intention

-Contacts the TC liaison to register as a GG

-Intends to support Northwest Compassionate Communication and the local Giraffe community through leading practice groups and/or assisting at trainings

-Contacts the TC liaison to register as a Northwest Compassionate Communication Trainer candidate

-Desires to lead trainings under Northwest Compassionate Communication umbrella

-Establishes a mentoring relationship w/ one or more trainers for support and connection, which will result in the trainer's endorsement of the candidate. This trainer will present the candidate to the TC at the interview (see #4).

2. Ability to live Giraffe consciousness/

dedicated to ongoing learning

-Has practiced NVC for at least one year


# Requests support and feedback from one or more trainers and/or other GG's


-Has practiced NVC for at least two years

-Has received feedback from two trainers who have observed the candidate leading a training or practice group

3. Familiarity with NVC theory

-Has read Marshall 's book

-Has attended 6 full days of NVC training

-Has been in a practice group for at least 4 months or equivalent

-Has attended an IIT or the Bay NVC Leadership Program or equivalent

-Has attended trainings of at least four different trainers (Northwest Compassionate Communication or CNVC trainer)

4. Ability to teach NVC

-Has led a practice group at least once

-Has been observed presenting at least three trainings

-Has been a GG for one year

-Has received feedback forms from training participants & shares these with TC

-May choose to submit a video of a training to the TC

-Has attended at least one TC/TLC mtg prior to interview

-Completes an interview with the TC

-TC comes to consensus in welcoming candidate as a trainer

5. Commitment to building community through Northwest Compassionate Communication

-Agrees to participate in the Core Team or assist with NVC events

-Agrees to operate within Northwest Compassionate Communication policies

#Agrees to attend TC/TLC meetings

6. Publicizing NVC

#Spreads word about NVC in larger community with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

#Presents NVC to new groups in larger community

#Develops NVC training materials