Who Runs NCC

Northwest Compassionate Communication Coordinating Council

 (The Coordinating Council members are also voting members of the Core Team)

This small group is responsible for the day to day business of Northwest Compassionate Communication.

  • Doug Dolstad
  • Laurel Andrews
  • Barbara Larson

Northwest Compassionate Communication Core Team

This is the group of dedicated volunteers that have made the support and growth of NVC a priority in their lives. For the most part it is they who make many of the decisions and do the work. Would you like to join them? They meet monthly. Call 206-382-8576 for more information.

  • Your name here?
  • Laurel Andrews
  • John"Pan" Chamberlin
  • Roger  Chapanis
  • Suska Davis
  • Doug Dolstad
  • Holly Eckert
  • George Kirkland  
  • Mel Sears
  • Moreah Vestan
  • Barbara Larson
  • Patty Zietlin
  • Liv Monroe
  • Lyn Deckert
  • Karen Jackson
  • Sandy Fox
  • Moreah Veston
  • Christine Jussep