Amanda Blaine

(Independent Trainer)

Amanda Blaine

How we express ourselves comes out of what’s happening in our bodies, hearts, and minds. If we want to have a different outcome, if we want our words to connect across differences, we can practice different ways of relating to what’s happening in our bodies, hearts, and minds. 

Amanda Blaine works with youth and adults to transform conflict into connection.  As a public middle and high school teacher, she used restorative practices to help her students thrive individually and as a community.  For many years, she facilitated dialogue at Seeds of Peace International Camp, where she supported young people from conflict regions, including racially and economically diverse American youth and Pakistani, Indian, and Afghan youth.  She's passionate about creating a world that works for everyone and helps groups work together better, both on an interpersonal level and on a structural level. She also works one-on-one with leaders to support them in thriving personally and professionally. Her work draws on Nonviolent Communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Family Constellations, mindfulness, Holacracy, Reinventing Organizations, and Critical Oppression Theory.

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