Erin Merrihew

(CNVC Certified Trainer)

Erin Merrihew

Erin Merrihew is an Empowerment & Connection Coach in the Seattle area. She loves helping people transform their fear-based conditioning and move through emotional obstacles so they can embody their true self, live with courageous authenticity and cultivate genuine connection.

Erin’s work as a coach, facilitator and intuitive healer is the reflection of a lifelong fascination she has had with the complexity of human connection—in particular, the subconscious emotional patterns and vulnerabilities that shape how we live, love and lead. 

She is the creator of four powerful healing programs: Already Worthy, Boundaries Without Backlash, Overcoming Codependency and Shame Liberation.

As a highly sensitive person, introvert and empath, Erin has honed her gifts to pick up on the subtle inner-workings of her clients’ challenges and efficiently unlock their barriers to thriving. She weaves together a refreshing combination of compassion and truth-telling to illuminate a path toward empowerment, authenticity and joy.

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