Janice Eng

(Independent Trainer)

Janice Eng

Janice has served organizations such as Women of Wisdom, Evergreen Monthly, Cascade People’s Center, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, schools, diversity groups, parenting groups, as well as prisons through the Freedom Project. She also provides practice groups and private consultations.

Janice grew up as one of the youngest in a large traditional Chinese family, in a predominately Caucasian and Hispanic community. As a result, Janice is keenly aware of issues of racism, prejudice, and diversity, and of her desire to build bridges for people to understand and support each other. Her passion is to help others to break free from prisons of fear, resentments, limiting beliefs, and negative habit patterns and create safe, healthy, whole relationships and communities where every person matters and every voice is heard.

Janice is a founding member of Northwest Compassionate Communication and the Freedom Project. The Freedom Project is a non-profit organization that strengthens our community through supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers.

For over eight years Janice has worked with individuals and organizations to create empowering conversations. She has a degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University. She has been in the holistic healing field for over 25 years as a licensed massage practitioner and as a Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU(sm)practitioner, her skills also include certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Reiki, and Applied Kinesiology.

You can reach Janice at 206-706-1895 by e-mail (h e a r t t a l k 1 2 3 AT DOMAIN msn~com?Subject=Inquiry%20for%20NCC%20web%20site)

Upcoming Trainings

Thu, Oct 4, 2018

Six weeks 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8
Being Peace, Speaking Peace (Janice Eng) (Workshop Space-Greenwood)

The quality of our lives and of our relationships begins with the quality of our communication with one another. In this experiential 6 week NVC Basics class, you will learn tools to connect more easily: -speak your truth in ways more likely to be heard - understand others with more clarity -to build trust and respond with power and compassion - to ask for what you want -say no and hear no without guilt or shame

Fri, Oct 5, 2018

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Power of Forgiveness to Free Your Heart (Janice Eng, Leif Stringer) (Workshop Space-Greenwood)

Do you want to move forward but anger, disappointment or fear holds you back? Does the same scenario keep replaying in your mind, draining you of life energy and joy? Would you like to take back your power? While you can't change the original circumstance, you can shift its impact when it is seen from the heart. In this experiential workshop you will learn skills to: - fully acknowledge your pain, disappointment, and fears with compassion - see the humanity of each person in a situation, including yourself - identify limiting beliefs and transform them - define clear action steps to help you move forward Are you ready to move out of fear and reaction and live from the full power of your values and dreams? Join independent NVC trainers Leif Stringer and Janice Eng in this powerful exploration of forgiveness. Leif Stringer discovered the power of NVC in 2007. He works with individuals, couples, families, schools, and organizations to deepen their capacity to weed through the language of disconnection and discover the beauty and power of our shared human values. His emphasis on curiosity and kindness allows people to make big leaps from their comfort zones. Learn more at www.leifstringer.com Janice Eng has been teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 1999 in Washington State prisons through the Freedom Project, and works with individuals, couples, and organizations in the public sector. Her passion is to help people find their voice, and to support people to heal relationships, with themselves, with others and in communities. www.janiceeng.com