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In-Person Trainings

Tue, Apr 3, 2018

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
FREE Intro to Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication (Amanda Blaine) (Vashon (20 min ferry from W. Seattle))

Join us for a fun and interactive introduction to Nonviolent Communication, drawing on the recent findings of Interpersonal Neurobiology - the science of how humans thrive in relationship.

Sat, Apr 7, 2018 -
Sun, Apr 8, 2018

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Embodying Nonviolent Communication (David Weinstock, Judith Weinstock) (Moscow, Idaho)

This weekend workshop offers physical, emotional and linguistic practices to help effectively align what you care about with your words and actions. This is essential for any of us who want to generate sustainable relationships and empower ourselves in bringing positive change. • Develop your empathic listening faculties • Cultivate a centered presence in stressful times; • Make decisions and take actions that align with your values; • Nurture intimate connections and cultivate community

Sat, Apr 7, 2018

4/14/18 This class is full
From Worry to Wonder 10:30 am - 3:30 pm (Cindy Zody) (343 15th Ave Kirkland 98033)

This is a workshop for those desiring a closer relationship with themselves and others. Are you tired of feeling anxious and/or worry most or all of the time? It's easy to get caught up in these days for sure! In this class we will be practicing Marshall Rosenberg's Non violent Communication as a way of understanding how conflict can be a vehicle to connection. Join me for a whole new outlook and viable tools to take with you for a more "wonderous" life!

Fri, Apr 20, 2018 -
Fri, Apr 27, 2018

SIT NVC -Slovenian International Training in Nonviolent Communication 2018 (Kathleen Macferran) (Ars viva hostel in Podcerkev, Slovenia)

Creating Communities of Care, Respect and Strength 7 day residential retreat for beginners and advanced practitioners of in NVC – Nonviolent Communication 20. – 27. April, 2018 – Slovenia Facilitator and Trainer: Kathleen Macferran, Certified trainer with the CNVC Event organisers and supporting trainers: Javor Škerlj Vogelnik and Dmitriy Kopina, both in the process of certification with the CNVC We would like to welcome you to this special retreat which we designed for people new to Nonviolent Communication as well as for advanced practitioners and trainers in the process of certification, who wish to deepen their already abundant skills and experiences with the Language of Life. You might wish to join this retreat if you are interested in achieving better understanding, cooperation, efficiency or mutual respect in communication and if you want to learn how to resolve conflicts in constructive ways. The process work will be facilitated by Kathleen Macferran who has abundant experience in holding spaces for learners of all levels participating in the same room and everyone getting learning. Participants who are new to NVC will also have additional support from supporting trainers Dmitriy and Javor. Please feel most welcome even if you have no experiences with Nonviolent communication whatsoever. Our group diversity will bring additional aliveness into the focused learning process and invite direct application of the teachings.

Mon, Apr 23, 2018

Mondays 5-7pm, April 23 - June 18 (SKIP May 28)

Relationships are the fabric of our lives. We need each other, and we know it. Yet all too often, conflicts get in the way of us achieving what we truly want together. How would your life improve if you could stay openhearted through conflict? If you could process difficult feelings without isolating or shaming yourself? If you could meet yourself and others with dignity and compassion instead of judgment and blame?

Tue, May 15, 2018

6:45 PM - 9:00 PM

A complete introduction to Nonviolent Communication. Join us if you would like some immediately usable tools for resolving conflicts, reducing criticism, defensiveness, blame, shame, misunderstanding and violence, and for increasing respect and hope in your everyday life and in the world.

Sat, May 19, 2018

10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Cultural Constraints to Courageous Love (Cindy Zody) (343 15th Ave Kirkland 98033)

This workshop is designed for couples wanting greater connection and more effective communication in their relationship. Through increased awareness of our own isolation, and the need for romantic rescue, we begin to access our own courageous love. We will seek to understand some of the stuck patterns we find ourselves in and learn more effective ways of communicating using Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication.

Residential Intensives

Wed, Jun 6, 2018 -
Sun, Jun 10, 2018

Starts with dinner (6pm) Wednesday, ends after lunch (2pm) Sunday
NVC for Flowing Relationships (Liv Monroe, Fred Sly) (Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon)

Are you longing for the essential NVC tools, practice, and capacities to create and sustain joyful, flowing relationships? We will combine fun and deep, heartfelt learning into abilities you can take home. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to work through unresolved upsets and practice the difficult conversations that could bring relief. Whether your stuck places are at work, at home, with children, friends or an intimate partner, you will return to your relationships ready to shift old stuck energy and experience sweet movement in connection, even with yourself.

Sun, Jul 15, 2018 -
Thu, Jul 19, 2018

NVC Educators Institute: Teach for Life! (Sura Hart, Jared Finkelstein, Jennifer Warnick) (Corbett, OR (Near Portland))

Join us for a 6 day exploration of the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication applied to a classroom setting. Teach for Life! provides educational professionals with practical experience in facilitating vibrant and compassionate classrooms – places where students, teachers and parents thrive.

Sat, Jul 28, 2018 -
Sat, Aug 4, 2018

Arrive after 2 pm on the 28th, Leave after noon on the 4th
International Vashon Island NVC Family Camp Village (Barbara, Doug, Maren, Johnny, Ingrid, Marcia, Genevieve, Elana, George, Shawn & Sadie, Anya, Jefe,) (Vashon Island)

Family Camp is where fun, connection, support, adventure, learning and transformation come together in a unique immersion training/family vacation experience. Join families and the amazing staff from around the world on our 26-acre family heritage farm with nearby beach access on beautiful Vashon Island, WA.


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