Notes for Creators of Training and Practice Group Listings

This page is intended to be a repository for information that might be helpful to those creating listings for trainings or practice groups.

For both trainings and practice groups

  • If you enter an web address and include the leading http:// then the address will be turned into an active link that viewers can click on.
  • If you enter an email address, it will appear on the website as a link that people can click on to send mail—and, although it will be readable to humans, it should be difficult for any robots to read the email address for purposes of sending spam.

For trainings

Notes on particular fields of the training form:

  • Facilitator, Other Facilitator and Additional Facilitators - If "Additional Facilitators" are listed (with commas separating names) then they are listed after the person appearing in the "Facilitator" field. If "Other Facilitator" is populated, it takes the place of whatever is listed in the "Facilitator" field; the "Other Facilitator" field is available only to the superuser* login. If you are typing in trainer names, you can add "(CNVC Certified Trainer)" or "(Independent Trainer)" after the name and these should get formatted appropriately.
  • Locale and Location - "Locale" should be a shorter, more general description of where the training is, and will appear prominently in event listings. "Location" (further down on the form) can offer a more detailed event location, and will appear only as part of the detailed event listing.
  • Date, Lasts, Time and Alternative Start/End Dates/Times - "Date" specifies the event start date. If "Lasts" is greater than 1 day, this indicates a different end-date. Use the "Time" fields for a one-day event, or if the time is the same on every day of a multi-day event. Otherwise, use the "Alternative Start/End Dates/Times" to express more complex timing.
  • Ignore Date and Announce in Upcoming Event Mailings - Normally a training will be listed in the newsletter if it is within a certain time horizon. Selecting "Yes" for this will cause the training to be included in the newsletter even if it is further out in time.
  • Show on Home Page - "Automatic" causes the training to appear on the home page if it is not "too far" into the future. "Yes" allows it to be on the front page even if in the distant future. "No" prevents it from appearing on the front page.
  • Archive Training - Selecting "Yes" hides the training from being visible on the website and prevents it from appearing in newsletters.

*Note that there is a superuser login (to which there is restricted access) which allows access to at least one additional field.