CANCELLED Building closed by SNOW--next on March 21-- Communicating to Connect


   Liv Monroe (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Olympia

   Lincoln Elementary School on the corner of 21st and Washington in downtown Olympia, 213 21st Ave SE, 98501

Date and Time:

   Mon, Feb 4, 2019

6:45 PM - 9:00 PM


  No charge, heart felt contributions appreciated


   The language we use affects how we think which in turn affects how we feel and act.  Dr. Marshall Rosenberg has developed a simple yet radical communication process, Nonviolent Communication(sm), aka NVC(sm), with the potential for changing how others hear and respond to us (without defensiveness or blame) and how we view others and ourselves (without blame, shame or criticism).  This workshop offers instruction, discussion, experiential learning, and the opportunity for you to decide if this process fits for you.

We judge others by their actions;  we judge ourselves by our intentions.  We often feel misunderstood when others see our outsides and we want them to understand our insides.  Join us if you would like to speak your truth without jeopardizing relationships, be less judgmental, and not take things personally?

Who is it for?

  Everyone is welcome. To find workshop location, the cafeteria in the school, walk from the parking lot beside the school on Washington St towards the school and down the ramp to the basement.

Registration and deposit info:

   No pre-registration (workshop is repeated every two months)
If you have questions call Liv at 360-357-4503 or email her.

Liv's email l i v m o n r o e AT DOMAIN gmail~com