Viewing Our Past Through the Lens of Compassion with Empathy Specialist Mair Alight


   Mair Alight (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: telephone or video - your choice

   phone or video - you choose

Date and Time:

   Tue, Jul 11, 2017

July 11-18-25 and August 1-8-15-22-29 9am-10am PT


   Tenderness and Care instead of Shame and Blame!

I've been reviewing my life for the last while, and I have been doing it with the lens of tender care for myself, rather than the old misery of blame-and-shame.

MUCH more satisfying! I've experienced an enormous relief in identifying needs and looking at the strategies I have used in the past to try to meet them.

Review your life while others are reviewing their lives with the support of Empathy Specialist Mair Alight.


"Pain shared is halved; pleasure shared is doubled."

We'll use a written exercise to assist us in careful clarity, sharing what we are impelled to share while holding ourselves and others with tender care. We'll write for ourselves, and share only what we want to share.
Pass always an option.

Instead of blaming and shaming ourselves with the "shoulds" and "why-did-I...", we'll look for how we tried to attend to our needs, holding ourselves with compassion.

If you are on the certification path, these calls with Mair could count towards your training hours.


Tuesday Calls, starting at 9am Pacific Time (noon Eastern Time)

8 Calls in July and August. Calls will NOT be recorded.

Registration is $50-$150...OR...

If you want to participate, and your financial position doesn't support that, contact M a i r AT DOMAIN MairAlight~com and we can figure something out as we hold all our needs with care.


  • safe space, not recorded
  • time on call to write - suggest you have a dedicated notebook
  • time on call to share something you wrote, and/or to empathically listen while others share

Who is it for?

  These calls are for you if you would like to explore your past through a lens of compassion instead of blame-and-shame.

What to bring:

  a dedicated notebook if you want

safe quiet space where you are least likely to be interrupted

Tuition Details:


The tuition is between $50.00 and $150.00.

Charge for Admission: Jubilant Giving From the Heart!

I'm envisioning 12-15 people participants in the group, and that I will joyously receive sustaining support so that I can bring myself resourced to each call.

P.S.If you can offer more to support those who can’t, I appreciate your generosity and practice of communal interdependence...

If you are stressed by this fee request, please remember that it is a request and not a requirement for participation.

If you want to come, I want you there too!
Contact M a i r AT DOMAIN MairAlight~com with any questions or comments.

Cancellations and Refunds:

   100% refund if I cancel.
80% refund if you cancel.