Dynamic Art of Empathy Skills (Tools, Not Rules)


   Mair Alight (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: phone or video - you choose

   phone or video - you choose

Date and Time:

   Sun, Jul 9, 2017

July 9-16-23-30 and August 6-13-20-27


   This series is for you if you  are eager, enthusiastic, passionate, and/or determined to live and teach Nonviolent Communication.

You want to experience mentored empathy with someone who specializes in empathic presence and guidance in practicing key skills in the art of empathy...with nurturing care and the level of challenge you choose.

You want to receive the supportive feedback that invites you to learn and grow, and to offer that supportive feedback to others at their request.


If you are on the path of certification, or plan to be, these  calls with Mair  could count towards your training hours."


If you are on the path of certification, or plan to be, these  calls with Mair  could count towards your training hours.

We can experience empathic presence as we practice key empathy skills together in full group and in breakout groups while on the call (depending on the number of participants).

Mair has been facilitating calls for over a decade and navigates the needs and strategies to meet them with care and efficiency.


Calls: 8 Sunday Calls (one call per week) and call recordings

If you want to participate, and your financial position doesn't support that, contact M a i r AT DOMAIN MairAlight~com and we can figure something out as we hold all needs with care.

What some people say about being on calls with Mair:


"I wanted you to know I just love your groups!.. I find them rich, compassionate, educational, inspiring and heart warming!! smile comes on my face just thinking about them!!"
Warmly, Carol Harrington, M.A., C.M.T.

"During Mair's Mentoring Calls I experienced her creative, NVC exercises as both fun & easy to apply to my life."
Kelley Giaramita, Wellness Consultant  

Having worked and collaborated with Mair for 14 years, I feel blessed and grateful for the mutual learning and consistency I experience in our interactions.  I have grown to trust Mair's ability to support the group sessions by tracking where we are, guiding the conversation with suggestions and points of learning and consistently checking with the group for inclusion and informed decisions.  I believe Mair creates a level of safety and trust so that participants are eager to step up and practice applying the tools of empathy and seem to welcome the feedback, seeing it as an invitation to add another tool to their tool box.
Carol Chase, CNVC Certified Trainer    

"I participated in 6 calls with Mair and a group of NVC enthusiasts through the month of January. I found myself nervous as I was new to the teleconference format and to NVC. However, within a couple of calls I felt at ease. My heart was opened by the honest sharing of participants and the deep listening and curiosity Mair brought to each session and person. Over these several weeks, I have come to feel more alive and celebratory toward myself and others. I've opened to new truths and wisdom within myself. The support of others also sharing their truth and honoring my own, has left me feeling inspired, enlivened and hopeful!

Thank-you Mair for guiding this process with such ease and integrity. And thank-you to all the participants who offered their companionship and acceptance!" with warmth, Gwen

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Who is it for?

  You are commited to learn, practice, live, share Nonviolent Communication.
You want to accept feedback, and to learn how to offer constructive feedback to others.
You're curious.

What to bring:

  Willingness to learn and grow in supportive community
openness to supportive, nurturing, authentic feedback

Tuition Details:


The tuition is between $50.00 and $150.00.

The tuition is between $50.00 and $150.00.
Charge for Admission: Jubilant Giving From the Heart!
I'm envisioning 12-15 people participants in the group, and that I will joyously receive sustaining support so that I can bring myself resourced to each call.

P.S.If you can offer more to support those who can’t, I appreciate your generosity and practice of communal interdependence...

If you are stressed by this fee request, please remember that it is a request and not a requirement for participation.

If you want to come, I want you there too!
Contact M a i r AT DOMAIN MairAlight~com with any questions or comments.

Cancellations and Refunds:

   If I cancel, 100% refund.
If you cancel, 80% refund.