Self Care: An NVC experience (for women) This training is Full.


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
Kristen Jawad

Location: Greenwood NW Seattle

   Greenwood NW Seattle ( Address will be sent after registration).

Date and Time:

   Sun, Apr 2, 2017

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM


  Gift economy: Proceeds gratefully accepted towards creating a permanent workshop space


   You want to be more present to your life, awake and in awe of the gift of life, and experience more joy & pleasure. For thousands of years, gentle body care & creative consciousness practices have served women well.

Nourish yourself on all three levels: mind, body and spirit –

-Experience self-care as a spiritual practice: connect with your needs, desires, and rhythms in new ways.
-Return home with tools and inspiration for simple ways to cultivate well being.
-Spend time investing in yourself and enjoy a sweet connection with others in cozy setting


You are invited to co-create an evening to savor.
Host : Pam Orbach
Facilitators: Pam Orbach and Kristen Jawad

Kristen has practiced NVC for many years, and offers body work for physical and emotional healing in her work. I am excited to learn from her, and to be able to host this workshop. Please join us..

Date: Sun 4/2/17
Time: 4-7pm

Who is it for?

  Women needing gentle self care, connection to self, our bodies, as well as to others
12 places available. If over subscribed, we will create a second opportunity.

Registration and deposit info:

   Email Pam Orbach at: P a m . O r b a c h AT DOMAIN EmpoweringConnection~com
Space is limited to 12 people.
This training is now Full. Please email to express interest, We are willing to repeat if there is sufficient interest.
NB. Some people have had difficulty with the web link to my email, if you have written and have not heard back, please email me directly at the Empowering Connection email above. Although the workshop is closed, I will open a second date with indication there is interest for more.

What to bring:

  Wear or bring PJs & slippers or comfy sweats for maximum comfort, bath and hand towel, swimsuit
And pre sliced veggies or fruit to share ( hoping to make hotpot together)