Transforming Old Pain


   Barbara Larson (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Videoconference

   Zoom teleconference technology
NVC Academy

Date and Time:

   Tue, May 16, 2017

Six Tuesdays, May 16-June 21, 6pm-8pm Pacific Time


  $199 - $248


   Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be free of the subtle influence
of past pain as you move through your day?

The internal dialog goes something like: "Oh no, I'm screwing up again", or "I should have known, I'm not capable enough" or "Why am I so selfish?" or "I'll always be alone."

If you too have heard these voices, then we invite you to join Barbara Larson for six evenings this May for Transforming Old Pain and learn how past pain can be transmuted into what Marshall Rosenberg described as a sweet pain, grounded in mourning and forgiveness, clearing the way for choice, freedom, and new possibilities.

No one escapes the bruises and wounds that live beneath our surface. To be human means to experience shame, loss, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment. The scars show up on both physical and emotional levels and affect our relationships, our work, our peace of mind, our ability to feel relaxed in our own skin and to contribute to life with our full potential.


  • Liberation from the debilitating effects of a past pain
  • Forgiveness of the agent of pain
  • Understanding of the needs of those you associate with the pain
  • Connection with your deep unmet needs
  • Awe and acceptance for the role of pain in our lives

Who is it for?

  This workshop is for those who want to directly experience the deep healing work of "Transforming Old Pain", and also for those who are interested in how to do this work with others.

Registration and deposit info:

   This workshop is hosted by NVC Academy, and you can register at