Communicating and Connecting with Compassion - An Intro level course


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)

Location: Greenwood NW Seattle

   The location will be sent out to you once your registration is complete

Date and Time:

   Wed, Apr 26, 2017

This training will run for 6 Wednesdays 4/26 to 5/31 from 7pm-9pm


   "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes." Marcel Proust.
In these confusing times, there is a search to both be different and do things differently.
This 6 week Wednesday evening intro to communicating and connecting with compassion is a response to a number of requests. Will you join the journey- we will learn and explore together?

In each of the 6 sessions, we will concentrate on learning and practicing different  principals and skills of nonviolent communication.
The intention is to create a solid grounding, that with practice, you will be able to apply in your life.

Because of the late posting of this course, please register as soon as possible.

Who is it for?

  Anyone who has not had previous exposure to NVC, or who would like to revisit this learning.

What to bring:

  Please bring an open heart, a book and writing utensil, a drink.

Tuition Details:


The tuition is $195.00.

Once you have registered, please email Pam at: p a m . o r b a c h AT DOMAIN EmpoweringConnection~com and I will send out an invoice which you can pay online.
If you have an issue with registration or the email link, please email me directly by cutting and pasting my email into your email.
I welcome a conversation if tuition is challenging, if you have courage to engage it offers me opportunity to trust both my request for tuition and sustainability, and the ability to have care for your sustainability as well.

Cancellations and Refunds:

   Due to the late posting of this workshop, refunds are not possible, unless the workshop itself is postponed.