Visual Facilitation Training for trainers & facilitators


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
I am excited to Host Mireille van Bremen (The Netherlands/Slovenia)

Location: The Workshop space (Greenwood) Seattle

   The workshop Space, Greenwood

Date and Time:

   Fri, Oct 20, 2017 - Sat, Oct 21, 2017

Fri 10/20/2017 7pm-9:30pm, Sat. 10/21/2017 9am-6pm


  The tuition is $255 and includes your participation, drawing knowledge and practising, a sketchbook & set of pens, handout for further practising, access to closed Facebook group to stay connected and inspired after the training


Do you want to make the learning stick in your trainings and workshops? Or do you take leadership in stimulating effective collaborations?
Get your message across effectively using visual aids.
Join the 1,5-day Visual Facilitation Training and learn to use Visual Language to message attractively and effectively by improving your drawing skills and hand writing. Your audience will leave your sessions recalling what you spoke about and what they have understood and learned because they have seen it on paper.
At the end of these 2 days you will:
feel full of energy and playfulness through all the creative work
have increased confidence in using of the visual language in front of your audience
be powerfully stimulated in sharing visual language with your audience
have practices making your own visuals and real size flipchart
have visual elements for immediate use and ideas for creating new metaphors according to your needs
Host: Pam Orbach
Facilitators: Mireille van Bremen (The Netherlands/Slovenia)
Mireille van Bremen is a Dutch national and lives in Slovenia since the summer of 2006. From there she works online or travels to support social entrepreneurs from all over the world in the field of training, education, facilitation and social change. She helps them get their message across empathically and visually by employing her knowledge and years of experience in the field of Visual Communication and Nonviolent Communication. As a coach, visual facilitator and trainer she empowers them to move forward with their projects, programs and business. While as a graphic recorder and designer, she visualizes and structures complex ideas, concepts, processes and topics so that they become clear for all people involved and visible in one image.

Who is it for?

  Who is it for?
This workshop is for...
trainers, facilitators, educators and coaches. Or for people who give presentations or lectures, lead meetings and everyone who thinks they CAN NOT DRAW.
Who want to...
Learn and practice how to structure your message
Learn the visual elements that bring variety and structure to your message
Improve your handwriting
Create a visual library to use and develop after the course
Learn when and how to use flipcharts for different purposes
Optimize your flip-charts for facilitation and marketing purposes
Tips and tricks to handle and re-use your flipcharts and tool set
12 places available.

Registration and deposit info:

What to bring:

  What to bring?
All materials you absolutely need are included and provided. Although we have got some flipchart stand, if you have one, please bring it to maximize the practising possibilities. And bringing your favourite markers, crayons or other materials, might inspire others.
Lunch is self-organized, so something to eat if that serves you. (There is a microwave available.)