Giving and Receiving for Couples and Pairs


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
Kristen Jawad

Location: The Workshop space (Greenwood) Seattle

   The Workshop Space, Greenwood

Date and Time:

   Sun, Dec 3, 2017

This workshop is full. Registration is closed. Register for waitlist


   If you are wanting to deepen self connection around your own nurturance, and to learn more about your partner's needs, this afternoon will be a connecting, learning experience. Kristen and I have been offering self care workshops that are evolving as we deepen in our own learning. It is a gift to share the tenderness of giving and receiving with you. If this speaks to you, please join us.

We are able to accommodate 6 couples / pairs in the space, so please register early.


  • Please wear comfortable clothes.

Who is it for?

  Couples and partners.

Tuition Details:


The tuition is: Gift economy

This workshop is offered wholeheartedly as a gift.
The two facilitators do need to be sustainable. We are trusting  that participants will enjoy acknowledging the value of what they receive on the day with a commensurate financial contribution. We enter into partnership, and trust your judgment of what this offering is worth.