Restorative Justice, Building restorative community and engaging with conflict restoratively


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
Andrea Brenneke
Attorney and RJ Practitioner

Location: St Marks Cathedral Capital Hill, Seattle

   St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral 1245 Tenth Avenue East Seattle, WA

Date and Time:

   Sat, Dec 9, 2017

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


   This one day circle supports those new to and experienced in Restorative Justice facilitation and Circle Keeping. Together, we will experience and deepen in the consciousness and power of Restorative Practices that builds trust and relationship as well as address harm and injustice. The practices we are sharing are rooted in Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Circles, and Community-Building/Talking Circles in the Peacemaking Circle tradition.

We welcome individuals and groups working to cultivate Restorative and Compassionate Culture, reverse systems of oppression, and establish or enhance community-based Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice.

Please join us.

What to bring:

  Please wear comfortable clothes.
Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided. There will be an hour for self provided lunch. There are many choices of restaurants on Broadway a few blocks away, or bring a lunch and enjoy the community of the circle.

Tuition Details:


The tuition is $95.00.

It is my highest intention to hold all the needs, yours and mine. I need sustainability, but not at your expense, so please email me if your needs are challenged around the fee. It allows me to meet my need for interdependence- Thank you