Amanda Blaine (Independent Trainer)

Location: online via phone, tablet, or computer

   online via phone, tablet, or computer
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Date and Time:

   Tue, May 8, 2018

8 Tuesdays, 12:30 - 2:30 PT, May 8 - June 26


  I’ll ask you to consider “What amount feels like a meaningful, exciting, and even a little scary amount to invest in my fullest expression, and in the emergence of what wants to move through me into the world?”

If you decide to find out more, I’ll let you know more about this gift economy model.


   You might want to check this group out if this sounds like you:

You got super fired up about the potential of NVC, and you  could see how transformational it was.

The ideas all made SO MUCH SENSE. You wanted to dive in head first.

And yet...

You lost some steam.

Do you just need to try harder? Or maybe you’re not good enough at it yet?

I want you to know:

1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.


2. You’re right that NVC could make a huge impact in your life, for the better.

But it’s not that you need to work harder, or that there’s something wrong with you.

My hunch is that you need support, and if you’re like the vast majority of people in our culture, you don’t have nearly enough of it.

We’re not meant to grow alone. It’s a physiological fact - our bodies don’t work that way!
Join us in a community of (real, live) support.


- The foundation of our community is our weekly meetings. We meet 2 hours a week for 8 weeks.

- You also meet at least one other 30 - 60 minute time in the week (on your own schedule) for one-on-one structured empathy time with an empathy buddy

What is the time commitment?

- 2 hours 15 minutes for a 2 hour group session (the 15 minutes is so you can arrive on time, ready, and don't need to rush off the second it's over)
- 30 - 60 minutes scheduled empathy time with a buddy outside of group time
- 10 minutes (or more) per day of regular self-connection practice (could be meditation or walking or dancing - as long as the express purpose is becoming aware of your inner state)
- some amount of energy/time towards supporting the others in the group, which might be zero on some weeks and might be more on other weeks, depending on your availability and the level of need.

The 2 hour weekly session has a simple format. We check in at the beginning of the session and hear what's most alive for each person this week, and what support or learning might best serve each person in what they're facing. Then we take turns focusing on one (or more) of the questions/inquiries/situations that the group members bring.

Sometimes each person in the group gets a turn receiving the group's attention. Less often, we dedicate a large part of the two hours to one person's particular inquiry, and everyone ends up having a role in their support (often, much to their own surprise!). Each session usually includes some time where we're all together, and some time in pairs or smaller groups to dive into an exercise or practice.

Usually everyone receives some benefit, even when the issue isn't "theirs".

By choosing to join this group, you are saying yes to:

- Meeting for least one scheduled empathy time per week with an another human outside of our group meeting time (don't worry if you don't have this already, we'll set it up)
- Tracking yourself and noticing when you're needing help
- Reaching out to other members of the group (or another person you trust) for emergency support/empathy when you need it EVEN OUTSIDE OF GROUP TIME
- Being an active part of this community of support, showing up and supporting others, both during the meeting time and throughout the week (when you have the capacity and spaciousness)
- Committing  to your own open-heartedness, growth, and transformation
- Choosing your significance as a practice, which means having the intention to act as if you matter even when you don’t think you do or don’t have a felt sense that you do.
- Arranging your commitments so that you can be on time, resourced, and focused during this two hour session (barring emergencies).

This group is NOT for you if:
- You haven’t yet integrated at least a beginner understanding of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. (Not sure? Email me and I’d be happy to discuss with you.)
- You don’t want to invest time, energy, and money in your own growth and transformation right now.
- You don't ever want to receive the group's attention, or focus on something in your life. While there's rarely time for every single person to have a dedicated group time in each session, most people get support every other or every third time. You might want more or less than this, but if you NEVER want a turn, this wouldn't be a good fit for you.
- The thought of attending to someone else's nervous system for most or part of the session seems intolerable to you. (If so, you might prefer one-on-one coaching with me or someone else).
- You want an exclusive NVC-focus. The group is needs-based and draws on many tools, including NVC, family or systemic constellations, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and other tools.

Curious to learn more? Email me at a m a n d a AT DOMAIN amandablaine~org


  • The group is limited to 12 people. After 12 people have registered, registration will be closed.
  • Curious to learn more? Email me at a m a n d a AT DOMAIN amandablaine~org

Who is it for?

  The group is open to people of all gender expressions. You can see if you would feel more comfortable in a group of people socialized as womxn (who may not all identify that way now) or a group of people socialized as men (who may not all identify that way now).

Who else is in the group?
People from all over North America (no one’s joined from other continents yet, though they’re welcome too). In prior iterations of this group, we’ve had professors, body-workers, circus artists, farmers, non-profit professionals, chaplains, activists, business owners… etc. 
Some are looking to find their true vocation. Others are focused on nurturing romantic partnership. Some are practicing conscious parenting. The common thread: a longing to live more authentically, to more fully experience the life that's moving through them.

Registration and deposit info:

   Email me if you'd like to find out how to apply:

a m a n d a AT DOMAIN amandablaine~org

Are you interested to learn more, and see if it's a fit for you? The next step is to send me an email letting me know your interest, and I'll get back to you with more information.