Awakening to Life Intensive


   Robert Gonzales (CNVC Certified Trainer)
Robert Krzisnik (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Damascus, Oregon

   Still Meadow Retreat Center, Damascus, OR
Details and Registration
Still Meadow Retreat Center

Date and Time:

   Thu, Aug 30, 2018 - Tue, Sep 4, 2018

Aug. 30 - Sept. 6, 2018


   6 1/2 Day Intensive Experiential Retreat

We are inviting you on a journey of

  • direct experiencing, sensing and being
  • embodying our deepest authenticity
  • venturing beyond head-centered thinking to reclaim wholeness
  • witnessing the mystery of existence unfold

We, the Roberts, are not only connected by our first names, but also by our core yearnings to let Life flow fully; by the work we do to support and enhance evolutionary processes; and by our spiritual histories that in both cases started off with Enlightenment Intensives, continued through various meditation practices and ultimately embraced the spiritual core of Nonviolent Communication.

We are both very excited and passionate about having created this intensive retreat, in which we, as a community, witness and support the embodiment of our deepest authenticity.

Fully experiential retreat

The main focus of the retreat will be on direct experiencing primarily through dyad work but also through individual and group processes, including body movement and integration time in nature. Facilitators will be there not to teach, but to offer guidance and support.

Intensity and dedication

This retreat will be held as a sacred time for our deepest Self. By "intensive retreat" we mean that:

  • we will be working from around 7:00 in the morning to around 10:00 in the evening;
  • we ask you to refrain from using internet (including email & cell phone), unless absolutely urgent, for the duration of the entire retreat;
  • we will be inviting you, during breaks and free time, to keep your intention and focus on conscious inquiry into your deepest authenticity (rather than engaging in casual socializing).

Embracing what is

This is not a self-improvement workshop, in which certain aspects of ourselves would be perceived as needing change, fixing, or healing. The participants will be continuously encouraged to experience and embrace the Whole, rather than move from an "imperfect" state to a "better" one.

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"I met myself in a mirror so much during the Awakening to Life Intensive retreat, that I started feeling fully entertained by all the amazingly diverse life in me. It could change within split seconds. I trained staying tuned with these quick shifts, listening deeply, sometimes challenging the guidelines, sometimes following them. What returned to me in all the sittings, all the movement blocks, and all the nature blocks, was how full my inner life was. That even in the deepest darkness of fear, mourning, anger, desperation, there where these gracious simultaneous movements of joy, appreciation, and love. I learned that life gives itself to me in so many ways, and if I don't listen, then I get hurt very easily. If I listen to what is given to me, then life flows easily. I learned that this is an act I can do, listen, wait, listen, act when I am moved, speak only when I am moved, stop speaking the instant the speach is no longer fully alive. When I listen like this, then my body changes from slightly stressed to fully aware with intense love and joy. I learned that the primary skill I need to train is loving courage combined with honesty and curiosity. All those where for me very easy to train during the retreat because of the structures offered and the way it was held. Now, almost a year after, the intensity, joy, insight and power I experienced are still there. My work now is to keep listening to what is given to me." - Alea from Denmark

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About the Roberts

Robert Gonzales' work Living Compassion has emerged from a lifetime of inquiry into the intersection between spirituality and human communication. His influences include Dr. Marshall Rosenberg (founder of Nonviolent Communication), Stephen Schwartz (creator of Compassionate Self-Care), and other spiritual teachers. His first formal spiritual practice was Enlightenment Intensives, which he participated in and led for many years. Robert received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1989, and was a practicing therapist for many years, offering individual and couples counseling. He met Marshall Rosenberg in 1985 and began teaching NVC in 1986. He is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Robert’s work Living Compassion has evolved as an integration of embodied spirituality and Nonviolent Communication. His trainings offer ways to cultivate daily practices for living life fully, grounded in compassion for one’s self and others. Robert has contributed to the work of the Center for Nonviolent Communication as a Certified Trainer, serving as a Certification Assessor, and as Board President. He continues to serve as a lead trainer for International Intensive Trainings (IITs). He was one of the Co-founders of the NVC Training Institute and in 2010, he founded the Center for Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization through which he shares his work.

Robert Krzisnik, MSc. Psych., has been working for 29 years with individuals and groups as a psychotherapist, trainer, team coach, complex meeting facilitator and conflict mediator in a wide spectrum of environments: from corporate to educational to personal and spiritual retreats. Robert is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and serves as a trainer at International Intensive Trainings (IIT’s) around the world. In 1986, Robert experienced his first Enlightenment Intensive (out of 45, which he either attended or facilitated), and his passion for the exploration of the essence of Life has never stopped since. The most meaningful and transformative processes on his journey have been Enlightenment Intensives, Soto Zen meditation, and Nonviolent Communication. Website:

Who is it for?

  While this is not a classical Nonviolent Communication training, basic Nonviolent Communication skills of honest self-expression, empathic listening and self-empathy are required.

Therefore, we would like the participants to have had at least four (4) full days of training in Nonviolent Communication with a CNVC certified trainer.

Registration and deposit info:

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