NVC Self Connection in Action


   Cindy Zody (Independent Trainer)

Location: 343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

   343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

Date and Time:

   Sat, Jul 7, 2018

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


  $50.00- $60.00


   There sure seems to be  a disconnect for those of us who did not grow up with an awareness of never mind  how to identify our feelings and needs. Then, there's actually articulating that to someone else we care about. To be vulnerable takes courage. We say we want close loving relationships and well let's face it we need help with how to make that actually happen.
Making a true observation vs a judgement is can be challenging to say the least and very important.
We tend to FULLY expect others to grant our "requests" even if we haven't been clear, or even asked.
This whole communication business is tricky!!
Join me for some in depth exercises and practicum relating to the above topics. We will have fun while learning how to relate  to ourselves and others in a more effective, loving way that promotes connection vs separation.


  • Leave with practical communication tools
  • Gain more confidence in your ability to articulate yourself
  • Give this gift of compassionate communication to yourself

Who is it for?

  Anyone desiring more peace and ease with communication in relationship to themselves and others.

Registration and deposit info:

   Call or E mail Cindy to register.
(206) 992-5992
c i n d y z o d y AT DOMAIN gmail~com

What to bring:

  Something to write with
A light lunch as there will be a short lunch break (not enough time to go out) light snacks will be provided
An open heart for learning
Some real life situations you are needing help navigating