NVC in Action Part 2! Self Empathy/Requests


   Cindy Zody (Independent Trainer)

Location: 343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

   343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

Date and Time:

   Sat, Aug 18, 2018

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Let Cindy know if tuition is an issue


   This highly interactive workshop seeks to help individuals in learning a kinder way of relating to self. To extend kindness and compassion in stressful situations practicing the principles of Non-Violent Communication. When we  develop a practice of empathy for ourselves, we can then extend it to others we care about instead of blaming and shaming as so often happens under pressure.
In addition, we will learn the all important art of making requests.
How many times do we wish, hope, dream that someone will read our minds and just grant our desires....
And why is it SO darn hard to ask for what we want....?
We will gain some understanding and hopefully leave with some practical tools that aid us in feeling a little more confident to step outside our comfort zone to get our needs met.
Join us we learn, grow, and find increased peace in our lives through this sacred journey.


  • Come and learn some new valuable tools for self connection!
  • Step out of the blame/shame game!
  • Gain new understanding about how to get your own needs met in a healthy way!

Who is it for?

  Anyone desiring a more effective way of handling difficult situations.

Individuals wanting more than they have in their current communications tool box

People desiring increased connection with themselves and others

Registration and deposit info:

   Call or E mail Cindy
(206) 992-5992
c i n d y z o d y AT DOMAIN gmail~com

What to bring:

  An open heart
Something to write with
A lunch as we will only take a 30 minute lunch
Light snacks will be provided