Embodying Nonviolent Communication Leadership and Community


   David Weinstock (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Seattle

   Wedgwood: 509 NE 124th St., Seattle

Date and Time:

   Tue, Aug 14, 2018

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


  20 to 40 dollars suggested donation


   From intimate relationships to building needed bridges out in the world, these changing times are calling us to rise up in more honest, courageous and empathic ways.  In this ongoing, in-person series come and learn daily somatic practices for aligning what you feel, intuit and think--to powerfully communicate with greater clarity and empathy.
Connecting to the deeper currents below our reactions, to our bodies’ intuitive guidance and deep caring nature opens us to our gifts to bring the world.

This will be a time to deepen relationship skills through verbal, physical and emotional practices, stories, witnessing, sharing, courageously caring and some good fun.

At the heart of the workshop are skills to listen better through tough conversations, find your common ground and empower your voice to speak your truth in all relationships.


David Weinstock is an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, Aikido instructor and author of “Becoming What You Need”: Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication”. He leads trainings --locally and around the world—in his community, schools, prisons, businesses and organizations. David and his wife Judith, along with 8 other families, co-founded an intentional community where they have raised their family since 1990. All of David’s work--in particular his present organization, Liminal Somatics--is based on building our connection to one another and toward a healthy stewardship of the earth for generations to come.  www.liminalsomatics.com


  • Overview of Courses:
  • ➢Identify what you care about
  • ➢Notice what you have practiced in your life
  • ➢Choose practices that align with what you care about and value
  • ➢Effectively begin practices for who it is we wish to become
  • ➢Bring it into the world

Who is it for?

  Adults of all ages.

Registration and deposit info:

   Pay at the door

What to bring:

  Your care, courage, and curiosity