Transforming Old Pain


   Barbara Larson (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: NVC Academy

   NVC Academy, live online
NVC Academy

Date and Time:

   Mon, Oct 29, 2018

6 Mondays: Oct 29 - Dec 3




   To be human means to experience wounding and bruising.
You may wonder how much difficult times influenced your current life choices. How different would you be if you weren't under the influence of past shame, loss, disappointment, betrayal and abandonment?

Past pain's scars can show up on both physical and emotional levels and affect our relationships, our work, our peace of mind, our ability to feel relaxed in our own skin and to contribute to life with our full potential. Marshall discovered past pain can be transmuted into what he called a sweet pain. It's grounded in mourning and forgiveness and can clear the way for choice, freedom, growth and new possibilities.

Join me for six special evening sessions starting October 22 for Transforming Old Pain. I'll share a technique Marshall Rosenberg developed and regularly led at IITs. Today many trainers continue the tradition at IITs because of the deep healing that can be experienced. As far as we know, I'm is the only trainer to offer this practice online

Each week, we will choose one volunteer to share their memory of an old pain, which Barbara will work with.  In the end we will debrief, and hear from those who witnessed and helped hold the space. Marshall said that witnesses of the process can also experience an inner transformation, just by being present.


  • Understand your deepest needs
  • Forgive those associated with your pain
  • Connect with the needs of those you associate with pain
  • Liberate yourself from shadows of the past
  • Feel a sense of awe at what pain can teach us
  • If you teach NVC, or us it in your healing practice, you will gain skill in apply this powerful NVC-based approach

Who is it for?

  Anyone who knows, or senses, that they might be under the influence of a past pain, which is unconsciously affecting your life in ways you don't enjoy and that want to be free from. Also, any NVC trainer who would like to see and hear the "how to" of Marshall's Transforming Old Pain process in a live situation.

Registration and deposit info:

   please register at NVC Academy (see link above)