NVC Transforming our wounds into our gifts


   Cindy Zody (Independent Trainer)

Location: 343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

   343 15th Ave Kirkland Wa 98033

Date and Time:

   Sat, Nov 17, 2018

10:30 AM - 4:30 PM


  Between $50.00-$70.00


   We know that our past has a significant impact on our lives in the current. We will be reviewing practice of accessing feelings and needs as well as delving into some beliefs/parts that were created as a result of traumatic events. One of our goals will be to realize our strengths that have emerged from our wounds and how to live from a more self lead-actualized place. This can be very deep (and rewarding) work!


  • Join me for this highly interactive workshop
  • Let's learn and grow together!
  • Seek and find greater understanding and healing!

Who is it for?

  Folks who have been on a path of healing

Those who desire greater connection with "self"

Individuals with the capacity for delving deeply into their past

Registration and deposit info:

   Call or Email Cindy at (206)  992-5992
c i n d y z o d y AT DOMAIN gmail~com

What to bring:

  A courageous and open heart
A lunch (light snacks will be provided)
A journal or something to write with