Community Structured Calls with Silences & Sharing


   Mair Alight (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Teleconference (Call in by phone)

   Teleconference via your phone from your home or wherever you are!

Date and Time:

   Tue, Feb 5, 2019

Ongoing "Drop-In" Tuesdays Feb 5 thru May 28 7-8amPT


   The purpose of these calls? Practicing the three modes of Nonviolent Communication in a compassionate community with silence (self-connection), sharing (self expression) and listening to each person (empathy).

During the hour there are no clarifying questions, vocal empathy guesses, reflections or mirroring. No cross-talk. No verbal empathy. Each person's line is muted when not speaking.

Convener Mair Alight calls on each person in rotation, "handing them a mic".

Each person is asked to time their own share for 2 minutes (or request that Mair time you). Needs attended to with this strategy: cooperation, support, empathy, connection, understanding...and probably a whole lot more!  :-)

There is no check-in. We start exactly on the hour with our first 4 minutes of silence. The silence is for the purpose of self-empathy.

If you come to the call and hear music, it means we have not yet started the silence.

If you come to the call and hear silence, it  means we are in the self-empathy silence. Time for 4 minutes, and if you then continue to only hear silence, you may not actually be on the call. You could hang up and try calling in again.


  • Join a community of fellow NVC practitioners.
  • Practice NVC empathy with others.
  • Calls are safe spaces.
  • You are welcome and you belong.

Who is it for?

  You value silence for self-connection, your intention is to practice self-empathy, self-expression and compassionate listening and receiving of others' sharing.
You want to participate with others in growing your NVC practice.

What to bring:

Willingness to be in the silence with us, to share what you will and to listen compassionately to others in the circle.

Tuition Details:


The tuition is between $17.00 and $197.00.

Registration Link:
Please save the payment request information so that you can contribute the amount you would like to contribute each month. Thank You!

Cancellations and Refunds:

   This call has been on-going for about a decade. Join (drop-in) for February and see if you value it.

Generally there are about 6-10 people on the call.

Choose your gift amount and offer it freely. No refunds offered. If you want to join with no financial contribution, just click the link in additional tuition details and you can register yourself there.