Free Webinar: 3 simple practices to work faster and more effectively with your team (without compromising on Nonviolent Communication)


   Amanda Blaine (Independent Trainer)

Location: Online via phone, tablet, or computer

   online video via phone, tablet, or computer
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Date and Time:

   Thu, Feb 7, 2019

12 - 1pm PST


   “If Everyone Knew Nonviolent Communication, We’d Get A Lot More Done Around Here!”

That was what I found myself thinking throughout my work day when I first started learning NVC.

And yet, after years of trying, I found that it wasn’t true. Even in NVC-based collaborations, I had the same old problems.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

- The power-holders were not the most equipped to make important decisions and yet – because they were in positions of authority – they did.

- It took forever to get everyone on board for decisions. Or it would take forever to repair hastily made decisions that didn’t involve everyone.

- We often had long meetings that didn’t get much done.

NVC makes a massive difference in how work feels. What I learned was that NVC in itself doesn’t tell you how to do the *work part* effectively and efficiently.

Join Compassionate Communication trainer and organizational consultant Amanda Blaine to learn 3 immediately applicable practices that can really help your NVC collaborations take off.

I'll share from my work as a Dynamic Collaboration trainer. Dynamic Collaboration is a system for an cooperation that embeds Nonviolent Communication principles in the structure of how the work is organized and helps the work get done effectively.

Do you want to try it? If you’re curious to learn about how to work more collaboratively AND more efficiently, sign up and join me at this webinar.

Questions? Email a m a n d a AT DOMAIN duetdynamics~com.

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Who is it for?

  Professionals, cohousers and others in intentional community, community organizers, those working in collective impact, and anyone who wants to work more compassionately with their team without sacrificing efficiency.