Free Intro Morning: NVC-Based Women's Transformation Group


   Amanda Blaine (Independent Trainer)

Location: Vashon

   Central Vashon: Location sent to participants on registering
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Date and Time:

   Wed, Feb 27, 2019

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


   What is it?

It's a circle of women who meet every other week to step deeper into who they truly are.  With the guidance of a skilled facilitator, and drawing on the support of the group, you’re supported to shed what’s in the way to be more expressed in the world. Move through blocks, turn dreams into reality, and be guided by purpose. The group is capped at a small number of people (usually around 10) to support a depth of connection and support. Like you, others in the group have a wealth of experience and capacity with inner work and can meet you where you are.

When does it take place?
- We meet for 2 hours every other week on Vashon (location TBA)

Time: TBA based on the schedules of the participants

We meet every other week for 6 sessions. After 6 sessions those who want to continue may begin another 6 session series, or might adjust the format slightly.


What is the format?

The 2 hour every other week session has a simple format. We check in at the beginning of the session and hear what's most up for each person this week, what you’d like support with. I then offer practices, exercises, and learning tidbits to best serve each person in what you’re facing that week.

Sometimes each person in the group gets a turn receiving the group's attention. Less often, we dedicate a large part of the two hours to one person's particular inquiry, and everyone ends up having a role in their support (often, much to their own surprise!). Each session usually includes some time where we're all together, and some time in pairs or smaller groups to dive into an exercise or practice.

Usually everyone receives some benefit, even when the issue isn't "theirs".

By choosing to join this group, you are saying yes to:

- Tracking yourself and noticing when you're needing help
- Committing to your own open-heartedness, growth, and transformation
- Choosing your significance as a practice, which means having the intention to act as if you matter even when you don’t think you do or don’t have a felt sense that you do.
- Arranging your commitments so that you can be on time, resourced, and focused during this two hour session (barring emergencies).

This group is NOT for you if:

- You haven’t yet integrated at least a beginner understanding of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. (Not sure? Email or call me and I’d be happy to discuss with you, and point you to another resource if this one doesn't fit.)
- You don’t want to invest time, energy, and money in your own growth and transformation right now.
- You don't ever want to receive the group's attention, or focus on something in your life. It’s true that we won’t always give every single person dedicated group time in each session. But if you NEVER want a turn, this wouldn't be a good fit for you.
- The thought of attending to someone else's nervous system for most or part of the session seems intolerable to you. (If so, you might prefer one-on-one coaching with me or someone else).
- You want an exclusive NVC-focus. The group is needs-based and draws on many tools, including NVC, family or systemic constellations, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and other tools.
- You would need to miss more than 2 of the every other week group meetings. Part of the potency of the group comes from the consistent building together over time.
- You’re looking for a social group. While we will (inevitably) experience a lot of connection with each other, our two hours together is precious and focused on depth and transformation.

Join us for a free intro session to see if it's a fit for you, and if you'd like to join the group.
Choose which time works for you:

Thurs. Feb 7th, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Wednesday, Feb 27th, 10 - 12 am.

Email Amanda for more info: a b l a i n e AT DOMAIN gmail~com