A precious Invitation to eat together and enjoy compassionate connection with Pam, Kristen and other NVC practitioners


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
Kristen Jawad

Location: House of Belonging Greenwood

   House of Belonging Greenwood NW Seattle

Date and Time:

   Wed, Mar 6, 2019

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


   We will meet together, and enjoy intentional heart connection over food and create an experience of community. Some exposure to NVC requested, and even a taste will carry you through, gentleness and acceptance will be present.


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Who is it for?

  If you are longing to experience community, and fill up your resource tank, we are here to welcome you.
Max 10 participants, please register early.

Tuition Details:


The tuition is $45.00.