Karl Steyaert (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Seattle (Phinney Center)

   Phinney Center - Room #2, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Date and Time:

   Sat, Mar 30, 2019

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


   This lively, hands-on learning event will explore how we can bring vitality to our personal and professional connections.

Through a range of activities, we will discover the essential principles and practices that support health and well-being in relationships, teams, and communities of all kinds. Our time together will include how to:

• Develop and deepen trust & connection

• Create psychological safety, one of the most essential ingredients in any connection

• Fully honor your own perspective while being open to others

• Recognize different styles & patterns of relating

• Effectively navigate decision-making, tension & conflicts

• Cultivate appreciation & gratitude

• Experience more flow & fun together


Come early: You’re welcome at the space as of 9:30am. We’d love to start at 10am sharp.

Lunch: We will take a one-hour lunch break around 12:30pm. You’re welcome to bring a lunch, or there are also many food options nearby.

We look forward to seeing you!

Karl Steyaert is a passionate facilitator with over 25 years co-creating thriving connection and communities. He leads trainings in collaboration, communication & conflict resolution across North America, Europe, and Asia, in settings ranging from corporations and universities, to ecovillages and nonprofits. He has trained in a wide range of interpersonal modalities, including being a Certified Trainer for the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). His clients have included Netflix, University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital, PlutoVR, Findhorn Community in Scotland, and many more. Testimonials at

Who is it for?

  This event explores how we can connect with other people in ways that feel natural to us, and requires no background in Nonviolent Communication.

What to bring:

  A pen :)

Tuition Details:


The tuition is between $95.00 and $190.00.

If tuition is not paid at time of registration, the minimum deposit is $20.00 with the remainder due by Mar 30, 2019.