Giving and Receiving Feedback.


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)

Location: 918 S Horton St, Seattle,98134

   Freedom Project Offices, address by email when you register

Date and Time:

   Sat, Mar 30, 2019

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


  $75 Invoice by email once registration is received


   How we receive feedback has a history in our past. We will explore the beliefs we have around what feedback means, and our relationship to hearing it. We will also work through some steps that can be used when you are wanting to offer feedback, to get clarity and to deliver feedback in a way it can be received, and in ways that are equitable and caring.
We will partner with other's to support our processing, and enjoy connection, empathy and learning

Please join us!

Who is it for?

  Anyone who has ever taken messages of their own "wrongness" or "badness" when they received feedback, or those of us who have been afraid to give, or need to give feedback as part of our work.  
It's also for those of you who love Freedom Project, and would like to support the mission: To support healing connection and restorative communities both inside and outside prison through the strategies of Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, racial equity and anti-oppression

Registration and deposit info:

   Please click the following link for registration:
If the link doesn't work, please copy and and paste the link in your browser.
If you have a problem, please email Pam at P a m . O r b a c h AT DOMAIN EmpoweringConnection~com

What to bring:

  A drink of your choice and lunch.
We will take a break for lunch,  There is a dining area where we will relax together.