Year long Restorative Practices/Compassionate Communication mentorship and collaboration Program


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)

Location: Seattle

Register with Full Payment $450
Register with Downpayment $40

Date and Time:

   Sun, Sep 22, 2019

This year long mentor community will meet 1-3 times inperson + online 2x/month


  $450 for the year. I am committed to live the values of community sharing, please register regardless of your financial situation, we will take care of it in the community.


   Requests for mentorship in RJ and NVC have led me to call this learning community together.  My own experience has borne out that, aligned/ attuned community support leads me to shine brighter. The longer I work and deepen my practice of NVC and RP, the more I trust the support of consistent community coming together that I can tap into for wisdom, drop into for nourishment and self-care, and which provides a space where I can hold myself accountable in ways that support my growth, and reduce the impact I have on others.  I have come to trust these restorative ways of being together, and they have transformed my work out in the world. I am wanting to share them with you.

The focus will be on how to build trust and community through a  Restorative Justice framework in a laboratory we create, which will ripple out into whatever community you are working with. Could be your family, school, workplace, broader community. Some sessions will be experiential learning, others will be a lab where you get to bring your community discussion to the group and we will process how  and engage with your particular passion, considering restorative culture and to engage with restorative system building. Some sessions will be sharing our learnings and mis-takes and unpacking what happened so we all deepen our wisdom. What is increasingly important is a power analysis, and we will be working with that throughout- what does de-centering  mean? How do we draw attention with care to implicit bias and the work of liberating all of us from structural and social oppression. I am not an expert, and I am committed to doing this work.
Perhaps some of you will group together to try some community advocacy support... This will be your lab,  I will bring my skills, tools and experience to contribute and support- let's make it what we can...

We kick off on Sunday September 22nd with a full day in circle, creating our own Restorative container. The community will determine whether or when we will meet again in person. We will have bi-weekly 2 hour online sessions, on the first and third Sunday evening  of the month. Individuals and groups may meet more frequently  for empathy and brain trust support.


  • If you absolutely cannot make the bi-weekly time, and you are really excited about this possibility, please email Pam,  P a m . O r b a c h AT DOMAIN EmpoweringConnection~com
  • More details about September 22nd will be forwarded to you after registration

Who is it for?

  If you have experience with NVC, and have attended some experience in RJ so you Know this is something you want to bring into out into the world or into your work, you are needed here.

Registration and deposit info:

   This program is currently at capacity. IF you are interested in signing up, please email Pam with a request to have your name go on a wait list. Should any registered people not attend, places will open up.

P a m . O r b a c h AT DOMAIN EmpoweringConnection~com