Erin Merrihew (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: Zoom

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Date and Time:

   Wed, Jul 15, 2020

July 15 - August 26 (see all dates & times in event description below)


   We’ve all felt that feeling—the ache of unworthiness. Believing that we’re bad, wrong, or not enough. Feeling shut down, checked out, and alone. Flooded with embarrassment. Wanting to numb out. Wishing we could disappear.

Shame shows up differently for each of us, but it’s universal. We all feel shame from time to time. And no matter how it expresses, there’s one common ingredient: suffering.

Here are some of the behaviors we can develop as a result of unhealed shame:

- Workaholism, over-achieving & controlling behavior
- People-pleasing, co-dependence & boundarylessness
- Judgment, blame, gossip & revenge
- Taking things personally, defensiveness, comparison & impostor syndrome
- Self-sabotage, procrastination, manipulation, lying & secret-keeping
- Unworthiness, self-abandonment & fear of rejection

Shame is painful. It’s one of the most powerful emotional experiences we know! When we fall into shame, it spirals us downward in what can feel like an endless and inescapable cycle of torture. Shame hurts, and that hurt often drives us to treat ourselves and others badly. And somehow, the whole time, shame has us convinced we’re so “bad” at our core that we “deserve” to suffer.

Listen: you don’t deserve to be trapped in pain. Nobody does. Self-love and happiness are your birthright, and contrary to what you might have come to believe, you feeling shame doesn’t serve anything positive. In fact, your freedom, self-acceptance and joy are the greatest gifts you can offer yourself and the world!

You have the power to transform your shame. The shame you experience isn’t your fault, and it’s not a life sentence. Most of our shame is inherited from unhelpful cultural and familial norms, and false belief systems we unconsciously internalized. We can’t always control when or why we feel shame, but we can learn to compassionately work through and heal our shame when it comes up.

It’s time to release your shame and step into the truth of who you are. You get to decide the extent to which shame shapes who you are and how you live. You deserve to be radiantly self-accepting and unapologetically free.  If you’re ready to lovingly transform your shame and reconnect to your wholeness, come join us on this Shame Liberation journey!


In this program, you’ll learn skills and concepts that will help you:

- Identify and become mindful of the presence of shame in your life
- Understand and prevent the negative consequences of shame-based living
- Catch yourself in a shame spiral, and take steps to slow the spin and compassionately climb out
- Respond more lovingly to yourself despite your mistakes, wounds, painful patterns and imperfections
- Interrupt and shift shame-based thoughts and actions into grounded, positive beliefs and behaviors
- Trace back and heal the true source of your shame in any situation
- Dismantle the operating system of shame you inherited, and replace it with life-affirming paradigms



The Shame Liberation Program consists of 6 lessons (2 hours each) and 3 group coaching calls (1 hour each). All sessions take place live via Zoom, and participants receive recordings of each session.

In our lessons, we’ll begin by learning the inner workings of shame (did you know it’s actually an unconscious self-protection mechanism?). Then, we’ll explore how to identify your personal shame triggers and gently de-escalate yourself to come back into balance. Finally, we’ll walk through some key tools and practices to help you work through any experience of shame to find relief, clarity and greater self-acceptance.

Group coaching calls are a live venue for participants to process and integrate their new tools, and witness and learn from one another’s experiences. Erin offers hands-on support and coaching to help participants move through challenges, heal and find meaningful insight, and transform old patterns.


Here is  the program schedule (all dates in Pacific Time):


Wed 7/15, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 1: Shame 101 - What It Is & How It Works

Wed 7/22, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 2: Tracing The Hidden Roots Of Our Shame

Wed 7/29, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 3: Identifying Your Shame Fingerprint

Thur 8/6, 1:00-2:00PM — Group Coaching Call #1

Wed 8/12, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 4: Applying The Antidotes To Shame

Thur 8/13, 1:00-2:00PM — Group Coaching Call #2

Wed 8/19, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 5: Pivoting Toward Self-Love

Thur 8/20, 1:00-2:00PM — Group Coaching Call #3

Wed 8/26, 10:30AM-12:30PM — LESSON 6: Shame Resilience



Basic Program  $447*
Includes six lessons (2 hours each) and three group coaching calls (1 hour each).

Expanded Program  $747*
Includes six lessons (2 hours each), three group coaching calls (1 hour each), and two private coaching sessions (1 hour each) completed within 4 months of program start date.

Deep Dive Program  $1,747*
Includes six lessons (2 hours each), three group coaching calls (1 hour each), and Erin’s signature Soul Journey Coaching Program (six 1-hour private coaching sessions, custom-tailored to the intentions of the client; includes session recordings, follow-up notes and resources, and unlimited coaching support via email and video chat) completed within 6 months of program start date.

Discounts and scholarships available for BIPOC (let’s connect— e r i n AT DOMAIN erinmerrihew~com).

Note: Monthly installments and alternative payment plans are available for all programs. Participants may start with the Basic Program and upgrade to the Expanded or Deep Dive Program at any point throughout the program.

*  If you’re drawn to join this program and finances are the only obstacle to participating, please email e r i n AT DOMAIN erinmerrihew~com and we’ll find a way to make this course accessible to you!


  • Erin is a Communication & Empowerment Coach and CNVC Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, based in Seattle. For more info about her approach and style, visit
  • For any questions about this training, please contact Erin directly at e r i n AT DOMAIN erinmerrihew~com

Who is it for?

  People of all backgrounds, identities and orientations welcome!

Tuition Details:


The tuition is: Basic Program $447, Expanded Program $747, Deep Dive Program $1,747

Discounts and scholarships available for BIPOC (reach out to e r i n AT DOMAIN erinmerrihew~com)
Please contribute your payment via Venmo ( AT DOMAIN Erin-Merrihew), or by mailing a check to Erin Merrihew at 6019 Roosevelt Way NE Unit B, Seattle WA 98115.