Coping in These trying Times


   Cindy Zody (Independent Trainer)

Location: Zoom


Date and Time:

   Sat, Aug 22, 2020

9:30am-12:30 pm or 1:30-4:30


See Cindy if tuition is an issue


   We will practice Marshall Rosenberg's principals of Non Violent Communication as it relates to the class needs.
The format will be somewhat open to allow for personal or professional concerns.
I am finding it increasingly important to be able to articulate our feelings and needs to navigate so many changes.
We will take a look at the ways in which brain function has been (is)affected by the unwanted restrictions.
There will be some practice utilizing self (and other) compassion during these challenging times.
Join me for some much needed support and survival tools!


  • Come together for mutual understanding and empathy.
  • Gain increased peace and connection.
  • Participate in tools to better navigate this stressful time.

Who is it for?

  Those who are desiring more emotional grounding and traction.
People longing for connection/shared reality in this time of isolation and disconnection.

Registration and deposit info:

   Call or email Cindy with both your cell and email information.(206) 992-5992
c i n d y z o d y AT DOMAIN gmail~com

What to bring:

  I will be emailing a list of feelings and needs for those who do not have those.
An open mind toward how you currently communicate.
Notebook for taking notes.