Structured Practice Group and Learning Series


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)

Location: online

   Zoom link will be sent to those who register

Date and Time:

   Mon, Nov 23, 2020

November 23rd through February 8th.


  $350 for three months.
This rate to ensure my sustainability. If you have means and would like to contribute more to cover for those who do not have resources please let me know. If the amount requested is a stretch for you, please also send me an email, we will work to hold both our needs


   A space to deepen self connection and competency in connecting with others from a needs based consciousness. We will focus for 3 months on all the components of the NVC model. Each week we will have a structured empathy session where participants can bring whatever is wanting attention or action in your life as well as your  communication.  We will learn in real time while supporting each other and creating space to be in community empathically. Each week will also have a learning component. The group will decide on the learning- examples of possible exploration: How to say NO with care for the other person. How to get to a wholehearted YES. Feedback. What does needs consciousness mean when power is at play, What does it mean to move through a challenging conversation by staying in the flow of empathy and self expression one step at a time... . How to enjoy and step out of the misery cafe...Let's have some fun.

I am offering this because it has been requested, and I am excited to have more time, space and raw material to model and be with what's alive in the room.

Please join me. Lets create this together.

Who is it for?

  You as long as you already have basic Nonviolent Communication under your belt/

Registration and deposit info:


What to bring:

  An open heart will take you all the way.