Reclaiming Spirit - NVC medicine for the holidays


   Pam Orbach (Independent Trainer)
Aya Caspi

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   Tue, Dec 1, 2020

5 Tuesdays. Dec 1 - 22, 2020 & Jan 5, 2010. Note: No meeting on Dec 29.


   Reclaiming Spirit

5 Tuesdays, Dec 1 - 22, 2020 & Jan 5, 2021 | 4:00 - 6:00 PM PT (Note: No meeting on Dec 29, 2020)

Nonviolent Communication Medicine for The Holy-Days

Tuesday, 12/1/20 - 4-6pm
1. Reclaiming Innocence
"Protect yourself from your own thoughts" ~ Rumi Learn to shift the inner field of fear and anxiety into one of beauty and love, by surfacing troubling thoughts and using the 'coded' information they contain to get in touch with the intensity of life's longings at the root of the human heart. We will practice how to support ourselves and others in creating inner safety by transforming our "wild thinking."

Tuesday, 12/8/20 - 4-6pm
2. Reclaiming Joy
"This turning deeply towards what you love, saves you" ~ Rumi
Learn how to choose joy and cultivate resilience and well-being through liberation from "joy killers" in the form of guilt, shame, fear of punishment, pleasing others and seeking reward. We will practice how to come back to the state of flow, creating a demand-free nonviolent internal environment, by tuning into our bodies and following the life within.

Tuesday, 12/15/20 - 4-6pm
3. Reclaiming Truth and Vulnerability
"Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart." ~ Rumi
Learn how to remove the inner layers of protection and hiding to live fully into your authentic experience, even in the face of uncertainty. Our vulnerability holds precious information about what matters most. When we are willing to reveal ourselves to the world, we exercise our full power to co-create and affect what happens next.

Tuesday, 12/22/20 - 4-6pm
4. Reclaiming Freedom and Choice
"Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Be notorious. Destroy your reputation" ~ Rumi
Learn how to consciously walk towards freedom and choice by strategically embracing discomfort. We will explore the connection between taking full responsibility for our experience, and our sense of power and choice. We will practice how to increase freedom by letting go of attachment to what happens, while passionately inviting what we want into our lives.

Tuesday, 1/5/21 - 4-6pm
5. Reclaiming Interdependence
"Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are in fact one and the same" ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg
Interdependence is our gift and "medicine" for life's "viruses." Our capacity to relay on it heals us, and makes us fearless. Learn how to grow your trust in your mattering and being cared for by others, opening to unconditional receiving. Access your natural joy of giving unconditionally and being of service to others and life at a time of social distancing.


"Even after studying NVC for 8 years in a very deep way, I found a rich newness and inspiration from taking part in Aya's 'Reclaiming Wholeness' series. The language and processes she offers are incredibly rich, simple, and aligned with the spirit of NVC. The flow was logical, directed, and interconnected. And the words resonate at a deep level, painting a beautiful and complete portrait of NVC. I felt moved and impacted by this workshop."
~ Matthew Malecha, CNVC Certification Candidate



- Teaching and Coaching sessions with Aya
- Class notes and practice suggestions will be sent via email after each class
- Optional: working with a partner for additional support

Sessions take place using Zoom, a video conferencing app. Participants can connect by webcam or by phone. There's no additional cost for the app. Those using phone will need to dial a domestic long distance number. Sessions will be recorded and made available to each registered participant for a limited amount of time. If a participant is uncomfortable with a particular segment being recorded, by request, recording for that particular segment will be suspended.


Date: 5 Tuesdays, Dec 1 - 22, 2020 & Jan 5, 2021 (Note: no meeting on Dec 29)

Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM PT

Location: Zoom Meeting – The invitation will be emailed to registered participants.

Cost: Sliding scale fee $350-$550

Creating a sliding scale supports the sustainability of the teachings and teacher. It also supports the inclusion of those without financial capacity to participate. If you have access to resources please consider contributing on the higher end of the scale.

At a time of economic disruption we invite you to exercise conscious choice in assessing your capacity. No one will be turned away because of lack of funds.
If you don't have the resources, please contact us for further dialogue.

For more information please contact Nora Heiber a l l s g o o d f a r m AT DOMAIN gmail~com or 415-310-9877 or Aya Caspi at a y a . o p e n h e a r t AT DOMAIN gmail~com or 530-218-1290
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AYA CASPI is a CNVC Certified Trainer based in Oregon House, CA. She has dedicated herself to applying radical, uncompromising nonviolence in every small detail of life, starting with the ongoing laboratory of her family, including her three children. She continually grapples with the joys and challenges of being raised in Israel and finds deep meaning and hope in applying NVC to the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effect on the regional community.

She works with individuals, couples, families and groups, responding to their issues and challenges with a depth of empathic understanding that is likely to take your breath away.

Aya has brought her unique blend of vision, practical clarity, utter innocence, and deep commitment to transformation to settings as varied as BayNVC Leadership program, schools, family and business coaching and mediation, couple counseling, and promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

She has been sharing Nonviolent Communication over the past 12 years via online classes, workshops and retreats in the US and around the world.

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NORA HEIBER: As the National Dance Executive for the American Guild of Musical Artists since 1999, Nora has been intuitively searching for a way to combine compassion and kindness with power and leadership as a way of creating a non-adversarial approach to negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of performing artists of the opera and ballet. More recently, Nora has tried to integrate her growing knowledge of NVC into her work counseling pre-professional dancers and as a Master Trainer of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®. In 2015, Nora and her husband Cliff reached out to Aya Caspi for the purpose of deepening their practical knowledge of NVC beginning an ongoing partnership that has included several collaborative workshops. In addition to NVC, Nora and Cliff have hosted a variety of classes, courses and personal retreats on their 20 acres property, Allsgood Farm® in Penn Valley CA, including Permaculture Design, Nutrition, Dance, GYROTONIC(R) and Yoga. Allsgood Farm is dedicated to creating a peaceful environment that is in accordance with natural laws for the pursuit of conscious living.

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